Sunday, April 21, 2013

Always crazy about choc chip cookies

Oh how I remembered those days when I use to spend a fortune on Famous Amos cookies each time pegi Mall...with 4 kids bukan boleh beli 100gm jer that cost least 300gm baru tak berebut...koyak poket beli biskut jer yang tak sampai 40 ketul..( yup I counted)

Those days however are long gone since I am able to produce cookies as good (  masuk bakul angkat sediri hehe ) and most importantly less sweet -frankly..I find Amos to be too sweet for my liking but my kids love it and I suppose a lot of people do too which makes Amos a billionair ..

Knowing how my family enjoys choc chip cookies I was determine to experiment with various recipes from Guru GOOGLE..huhu...had a few flops but after countless trial and  improvise  sana sini , I have finally settle with something I can call my own that satisfied me...those bakes that made my kitchen smell like a heaven bakery...some said I must go commercial and sell in stores...huhu...I guess for now I am just happy operating from home with made to order...perhaphs in future my kids will be able to do better..

With cookies , its about ingredients, the kind of chocolate you use, the proportion of butter ,sugar and flour, the nuts and yes the quality of vanilla and coffee oil...( Yup coffee oil & cinnamon makes the difference in aroma)...these ingredients all comes with a kalau minta cookies yang murah2..I will have to use lower grade ingredients...some don't mind paying for better quality ingredients.... and.... yes....they always come back for more...

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