Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cookies - What you fav

My bakes are not limited to Choc Chip cookies ( walau inilah yang paling sedap ..ala2 Amos cuma tak semanis Amos since I kurangkan sugar)
So like any other bakes , cookies can be made in many ways according to what your taste bud can be creative with nuts , dried fruits and the kind of chocolate used ...I personally suka Butterscotch by Hershey ( haha suka curah banyak banyak )  with macadamia  and my husband likes BitterSweet chocolate with almond nibs ,the kids however eats everything I bake....
So if you have any personal favourite, do let me know and yes ......I do give free samples for big orders ( above 200 pax)
Cookie dough Corn Flakes , raisins ,almond nib ,bitter sweet chocolate chip with a pinch of cinnamon powder...the outcome....heavenly ......( Tips : I mix the eggs with vanilla and keep them in the fridge over night )......

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