Monday, February 18, 2013

New Addition - Sweet Hamper

The idea of doing hampers actually came up following my own frustration on the quality of contents dalam hamper yang dibeli di supermarket. A lot of things that they put in there are stuff that we hardly heard of not to mention some of them we don't actually favour...and isn't that a waste.
The basket of goodies is suppose to make one smile with joy not wonder...apa benda ni?..sedap ke?..product negara mana ni?...
Now..imagine bringing a gift as charming as this one here  for a newly wed , a beloved friend, a client , a couple with a new born baby...and the list goes on...How would you feel receiving one yourself?..suka kan?!!

Something like this ranges between RM100- RM150 with all goodies yang berjenama dan  berkualiti..However I can adjust the box /basket according to your budget from RM60.00 onwards.... 

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