Sunday, February 10, 2013

Brownies - A delectable versatile gift

Brownies is said to have been a cake that was made by mistake,its like a cake bantat... It is dry on the outside yet chewy and moist in the inside...hmm sounds a little like macarons ya...cuma tak  cute macam mac...The are so many ways to have your brownie, ada yang suka letak cheese  cuma tak tahan lama max I tried simpan at room temp 5 days, chop chip can last up to 10 days ...some like to have various nuts with it...( I LOVE )...and some likes it simple with just that rich chocolate taste bursting in each bite....yang ni all time fav untuk wedding door it is up to you really how you want your little brownie to be...
Slide Box berukuran 10x 6 x3 ni sesuai untuk isi brownie....cantik...
Rasa yang kaya chocolate....( Resepi di bawah )...

Tetamu mesti suka dapat something as cute

Resepi Choc chip brownie ( utk dulang 12x12inch)
250gm butter
300gm chocolate
300gm sugar 
5 eggs ( gred A) - masukkan last sekali bila all has melted and mix to combine...
All melted / double boil
250gm flour
1tsp salt
2 tsp vanilla
1tsp baking powder ( boleh leave out kalau tak nak brownie cakey but all chewy)
2tbsp cocoa powder
200gm choc chip ( last sekali nak kasi sebati jer, you don't want to melt them)
Masukkan (b) dalam (a), tuang dalam baking tray and bakar for 20min @ 150C....jangan lama sangat ....unless you want a dry brownie...

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