Saturday, January 19, 2013

Doing my small bit - Gift for Gaza

Sebenarnya dah mengantuk sangat dah ni almost 2am....and tak tau nak tulis apa sebenarnya ,,,,anyway I am taking this chance to blog since dah lama tak update all the favors that I've done..

These pretty cakes in cups...are going on for sale untuk mengisi Tabung Gaza held at  Kompleks Kraftangan Jalan Conlay 20th Jan 2013..At first I wanted to do cookies but later change my mind and made cakes instead as I think they may sell for a better price..Urgg kan dah cakap tak de okay just enjoy the photos....

Moist chocolate cake with strawberry swiss meringue buttercream....yummm

                          I personally think the sticker tu yang buat favour ni nampak charming....

Gambar2 masa acara lelong yg di ambil dr FB  Pn Noor of Ushine as one of the organizer
....YB Dato Sohaimi Shahadan pun berkenan dengan cake in cup....

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