Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Inspired by fine packaging.

I have always been fascinated with packaging , banyak kali beli barang bukan sebab nak kan sangat the content , tapi suka the bekas ...sometimes because I like the paper bag they pack their stuff in....silly me...
I beleive that good packaging tells you a lot about the product and what it wishes to deliver. 
Brands such as Crabtree & Evelyn ,Loccitane ,TWG , Mark & Spencer -just to name a few  brands, semua have  pretty packaging with vibrant colours and design untuk serlahkan gaya .
Gifts represent the giver and that is why I love designing packaging for  occasion favors not to mention how much I love baking...( Suka  aroma of chocolate, butter,sugar and flour all combined )
 There is a  different feeling receiving and eating the same candy or cookie from a plastic pack with no concern to details...than to bite on the same food coming from a dainty well decorated  jar or box ....don't you agree with me ?.....
Simple ..tapi nampak mahal ....only RM3.50 for HALAL jelly  drops in jar...( price for min 200 jars)

Cookies in box....bagi yang nak kan kelainan ...RM4.50 per box ( min 50 box)
Label design tu beri effect comel pada cake n jar