Thursday, December 13, 2012

Gold Glam -Modern classic

Gold is associated with Luxe . This colour however jarang jadi pilihan untuk perkahwinan nowdays, mungkin takut nampak out dated and tak ikut trend ,the younger generation likes pastel and soft cooling colours ...biasanya pink, blue ,purple....yang berani sikit will pick red  or warna garang like orange ..
Gold kalau kena gaya will look gorgeous too. Just like this jar of cookies . When using gold you don't want to over do the design which is why I used corak  ukiran untuk gaya klasik...I like
This Nov-Dec I've made a total of 5250 cookie jars ( kira macam bonus hujung tahun lah jugak cuma kena work hard bukan macam kerja ofis with this  I call it rest for the next 2 weeks..nak holiday pulak.....In Syaa Allah will be baking again in January 2013...( Oh I do have a few other photos to share....will post later )....happy holidays...

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