Saturday, December 1, 2012

Cantik - The first Impression

CANTIK!! the first respond and impression  I wish that crosses the mind of all of my customers bila mula2 nampak gambar orders yang dah siap...people first feast on food with your eyes...

Most of the time I am entrusted with the label design and packaging..all they want to know is that gift mesti  CANTIK...and within their budget....Perhaps sebab tu jugalah  this humble on line favor shop by design is named CHANTIQ....( which means pretty)

This year cookies in jars has been selling like hot cakes....Yes..I pride my cookies as "Almost Amos"...with variation in flavor from peanut butter , rasberry , orange, less sweet to extra name it..I'll make them.

This jar here is slightly bigger than the one I usually use...its 240ml instead of more yummy the black metalcap....nampak exclusive macam packaging food Crabtree & Elevlyn...oh they inspire me...

The secret to happiness is to first give wouldn't a gift as cute as this makes one happy?..

This is a 160ml tall jar that can fit in 18pcs of candy. Stickers are designed by yours truly...Ada yang bertanya boleh order sticker jer tak?...well...I don't just do stickers , mine has to be either jars yang dah siap sticker or yang complete with isi sekali.

Ni pulak bag size 18cm x12cm x 8cm...memang complete package this time...material 230gsm artcard...