Friday, December 28, 2012

Fail proof cookies - Yes you can

This post is in response to request from my earlier customers  yang pada awalnya order cookies untuk doorgift majlis,later  come back to me nak order lagi untuk makan sendiri  , nak hadiah kat orang and mcm lagi.  .Some are even willing to travel from Kelang to Ampang just to collect cookies...hehe
Whenever I am not tied down with other pre orders and family commitments In Shaa Allah boleh buat. Just love making cookies as they are so easy to buat dalam pelbagai versi....provided you have resepi yang sedap as the base..
Sharing with you one of the resepi yang dah hafal, there is no secret lah...this is era informasi...and ada berjuta resepi kat alam maya ..pilih jer...cuba and kalau suka keep it...
Ok this resepi so far boleh guna untuk apa2 cookies you have in mind, be creative , boleh letak kelapa kering , pelbagai jenis kacang , raisins , M&M chocolate or  anything you can imagine...
( Bahan A)
250gm butter ( sebolehnya jangan ganti dengan margarine walau lebih murah)...
1 biji telur
1 tsp vanilla
( Bahan B)
200gm tepung gandum
100gm tepung jagung
200 gm brown sugar ( gula putih pun boleh problem cuma lebih manis dr brown sugar)
1/2 tsp bicarb soda ( campur dengan qty sama air panas....for that crisp)
* Cocoa powder ( optional)....letak banyak jadi dark...letak sikit ok..tak letak pun boleh...
( Bahan C - Add On )
Kacang / raisins or apa2 you nak letak...sukatan suka hati...boleh lebih...boleh problem....tabur choc chip banyak mana nak...( I love this part...)...
Adun ( A)....campurkan (B)....masukkan (C)....( simpan dalam fridge 1 jam )
Bentuk2 kan ikut size suka hati...
Kalau kecil macam Amos cookies ( bakar 15 min @ 125C)
Kalau buat yang besar tambah masa to 20 min..suhu sama....Happy baking....

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Inspired by fine packaging.

I have always been fascinated with packaging , banyak kali beli barang bukan sebab nak kan sangat the content , tapi suka the bekas ...sometimes because I like the paper bag they pack their stuff in....silly me...
I beleive that good packaging tells you a lot about the product and what it wishes to deliver. 
Brands such as Crabtree & Evelyn ,Loccitane ,TWG , Mark & Spencer -just to name a few  brands, semua have  pretty packaging with vibrant colours and design untuk serlahkan gaya .
Gifts represent the giver and that is why I love designing packaging for  occasion favors not to mention how much I love baking...( Suka  aroma of chocolate, butter,sugar and flour all combined )
 There is a  different feeling receiving and eating the same candy or cookie from a plastic pack with no concern to details...than to bite on the same food coming from a dainty well decorated  jar or box ....don't you agree with me ?.....
Simple ..tapi nampak mahal ....only RM3.50 for HALAL jelly  drops in jar...( price for min 200 jars)

Cookies in box....bagi yang nak kan kelainan ...RM4.50 per box ( min 50 box)
Label design tu beri effect comel pada cake n jar

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Neapolitan cake in jar - Love at first bite

There is nothing new about this cake . I love how they turn out each time , may it be cupcake , a whole cake and even cake in jar....combining the taste of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate is what's special about Neapolitan....not just colour....but most of all flavor..

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Gold Glam -Modern classic

Gold is associated with Luxe . This colour however jarang jadi pilihan untuk perkahwinan nowdays, mungkin takut nampak out dated and tak ikut trend ,the younger generation likes pastel and soft cooling colours ...biasanya pink, blue ,purple....yang berani sikit will pick red  or warna garang like orange ..
Gold kalau kena gaya will look gorgeous too. Just like this jar of cookies . When using gold you don't want to over do the design which is why I used corak  ukiran untuk gaya klasik...I like
This Nov-Dec I've made a total of 5250 cookie jars ( kira macam bonus hujung tahun lah jugak cuma kena work hard bukan macam kerja ofis with this  I call it rest for the next 2 weeks..nak holiday pulak.....In Syaa Allah will be baking again in January 2013...( Oh I do have a few other photos to share....will post later )....happy holidays...

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Brownies in slide box - Elegant indulgance

Honestly....I don't know any baker kat Tanah Malaya ni that  offers brownies packed in these lovely slide boxes.The  outer box is gloss finishing and ribbons are either hanging or a full bow tie around the box with any colour you wish to match your theme...

Don't you just love the idea of pulling out the box to find something you can't wait to bite on..brownies..cookies...candies...etc....

Anyway since these boxes are will need to order them in advance....a month at least and 2 month for bigger qty above 500 boxes...ok for now..catch up later..

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Cantik - The first Impression

CANTIK!! the first respond and impression  I wish that crosses the mind of all of my customers bila mula2 nampak gambar orders yang dah siap...people first feast on food with your eyes...

Most of the time I am entrusted with the label design and packaging..all they want to know is that gift mesti  CANTIK...and within their budget....Perhaps sebab tu jugalah  this humble on line favor shop by design is named CHANTIQ....( which means pretty)

This year cookies in jars has been selling like hot cakes....Yes..I pride my cookies as "Almost Amos"...with variation in flavor from peanut butter , rasberry , orange, less sweet to extra name it..I'll make them.

This jar here is slightly bigger than the one I usually use...its 240ml instead of more yummy the black metalcap....nampak exclusive macam packaging food Crabtree & Elevlyn...oh they inspire me...

The secret to happiness is to first give wouldn't a gift as cute as this makes one happy?..

This is a 160ml tall jar that can fit in 18pcs of candy. Stickers are designed by yours truly...Ada yang bertanya boleh order sticker jer tak?...well...I don't just do stickers , mine has to be either jars yang dah siap sticker or yang complete with isi sekali.

Ni pulak bag size 18cm x12cm x 8cm...memang complete package this time...material 230gsm artcard...