Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Flowers - A little piece of heaven on earth..

Bunga has a special place in our  hearts . I was told that my name started with "Rose " because my mom was fond of planting roses when she had me. 

You can freshen up a gloomy room by just bringing in flowers , spark  a smile to a loved one, relax and unwind with a tub of bubbles yang ditabur  colorful rose petals( urggh I longed for that) gives that feel of luxury...fresh  flowers bagai beri nyawa and jiwa  to an occasion .and because of this too flowers are  a multi billion dollar business...nak cakap pasal bunga..memang tak akan habis...bukan pakar ...but we all know the effect of flowers to the the soul and sight.

OK .It has been sometime since I saw favors packed in our tradisonal mengkuang baskets . It should make a comeback.... with a new breath ....instead of sequins , ribbons and manik2 yang berserabut ( sorry but I tak minat deco berserabut), ....we'll decorate it with flowers....dalam cuaca Malaysia fresh flowers maybe agak susah nak jaga untuk tahan lama ( but it can be done)....our alternative are artificial flowers....they're not bad actually....the good ones tentunya mahal sikit but kalau pandai pilih....bunga murah pun boleh nampak mahal.....just keep it simple....jangan deco meriah  sangat.....less is always go flower power...

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