Thursday, November 8, 2012

Door gift sihat - Dried Apricots & chocolate...etc

My baking is full this year end with bookings made as early as in June this year. However being this time of the year , request for door gifts for various events and occasions  are plenty .

As much as I would like to offer my bakes, I must acknowledge that I can only take so much as I have other family commitments too ....when I decided to make this passion a trade I had also made a promise to myself that there will only be so much hours put into baking ...I would want to have the best of both worlds...within my reach..

However as earlier said , if you want ready available items as door gifts....orders are still welcome . Dried apricot for instance make a healthy and lovely gift too...I'll  pack them nicely and you'll have something simple  look stunning ideas are ever flowing I can't possibly blog on everything I have in talk to me ...we'll find something to make everyone especially.

Chocolates too is said to have a lot of health benefits ( choc ya bukan gula2) increases happy hormones and releases chocolate is also one of the favourite order this season untuk menu it has been last year...

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