Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Flowers - A little piece of heaven on earth..

Bunga has a special place in our  hearts . I was told that my name started with "Rose " because my mom was fond of planting roses when she had me. 

You can freshen up a gloomy room by just bringing in flowers , spark  a smile to a loved one, relax and unwind with a tub of bubbles yang ditabur  colorful rose petals( urggh I longed for that) gives that feel of luxury...fresh  flowers bagai beri nyawa and jiwa  to an occasion .and because of this too flowers are  a multi billion dollar business...nak cakap pasal bunga..memang tak akan habis...bukan pakar ...but we all know the effect of flowers to the the soul and sight.

OK .It has been sometime since I saw favors packed in our tradisonal mengkuang baskets . It should make a comeback.... with a new breath ....instead of sequins , ribbons and manik2 yang berserabut ( sorry but I tak minat deco berserabut), ....we'll decorate it with flowers....dalam cuaca Malaysia fresh flowers maybe agak susah nak jaga untuk tahan lama ( but it can be done)....our alternative are artificial flowers....they're not bad actually....the good ones tentunya mahal sikit but kalau pandai pilih....bunga murah pun boleh nampak mahal.....just keep it simple....jangan deco meriah  sangat.....less is always go flower power...

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Personalized packaging

I'm still very much tied down with my bakes ( musim segala macam majlis seiring cuti sekolah ) but would love to share this cute square box which I design for a kenduri Aqiqah...

No doubt you can buy similar boxes kat kedai pengantin but personalizing it really makes the gift stand out .

This time I am not using stickers ,the design are printed direct on 240gsm can have the size personalized according to what you wish to fill them go ahead...imagine...

Sebahagian is  vanilla cake dengan sprinkle bintang warba warni...for the kids

Separuh lagi Hokkaido cake yang sangat sedap ..

CST first Video

Something I did this morning whilst toasting bread for breakfast.....not bad for a start ya?!!!....

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Door gift sihat - Dried Apricots & chocolate...etc

My baking is full this year end with bookings made as early as in June this year. However being this time of the year , request for door gifts for various events and occasions  are plenty .

As much as I would like to offer my bakes, I must acknowledge that I can only take so much as I have other family commitments too ....when I decided to make this passion a trade I had also made a promise to myself that there will only be so much hours put into baking ...I would want to have the best of both worlds...within my reach..

However as earlier said , if you want ready available items as door gifts....orders are still welcome . Dried apricot for instance make a healthy and lovely gift too...I'll  pack them nicely and you'll have something simple  look stunning ideas are ever flowing I can't possibly blog on everything I have in talk to me ...we'll find something to make everyone especially.

Chocolates too is said to have a lot of health benefits ( choc ya bukan gula2) increases happy hormones and releases chocolate is also one of the favourite order this season untuk menu it has been last year...

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Nepolitan cake - Ice cream without ice

My familyis in love with this cake as it combines all their favourite ice cream flavour in a cake ,chocolate ,vanilla & strawberry...

Sharing here the recipe for you to bake and trust will feel that it had made your day...

Recipe ( yields 24 regular size cupcake)

300 gm butter - I used SCS *salted ( never substitute butter with margerine )
300 gm castor sugar
200 gm cake flour
6 eggs ( seperate the whites and the yolk)

How to :

1.Beat egg white with 150gm sugar ( sampai macam buih but tak perlu sampai jadi macam meringue)- put aside
2.Beat yolk  with 150gm sugar
3.Add in the egg white and sugar mixture
4.Add in butter
5. Add in flour & some salt to taste ( kita orang Asia suka masin sikit )

-Separate the mixture into 3 bowls  for 3 different colour and flavour
i) Cocoa
iii) Strawberry flavour & pink colouring 

Fill them in 3 separate piping bags and pipe into cupcake liners layer by layer....

Bake at 160C for 20 minutes - upper lower heat with fan  or lower heat only if without fan.