Tuesday, October 16, 2012

This time of the year

Time flies ,it is already  4th quarter of the year , school holiday is approaching and that also means musim kenduri kendara , companies family day and annual dinner tanda penghargaan pada staff yang dah bertungkus lumus capai  target tahunan and many more celebration that calls for makan makan..

With this  CST is fully booked till year end . Ramai yang dah buat perancangan awal-which is good , I even have bookings that were made as early as 7 months in advance.

It is a real pleasure having given the trust to do favors for important dates  berbagai majlis  dan acara .I am still new in this field and still learning a lot of things.

This trust  also comes with  responsibility. I always berdoa that badan sihat dan tak ada apa2 perkara besar yang tak dirancang atau diundang happen  ,tak dapat bayangkan kalau jatuh sakit and ada orders yang tak dapat disiapkan.

My dear hubby who is my number 1 supporter  is aware of all the bookings made ,the deposit money  that has been paid, contacts , schedule of delivery etc...just in case anything happens to me at least the customer can be informed ...yes...with trust comes responsibility

Pink is always pretty and yes it is still the favourite colour for many bride to be

People now prefer giving something yang orang boleh makan.....kalau pakaging cantik...boleh simpan...

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