Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Jelly Favors - Joy in a jar

Since my last post on favors in jars .CST has receive overwhelming respond requesting for quotes on bakes and ready made favors. 

These colourful treats packed in jars actually looks very stunning even without the decoration . However a little sticker to personalize it and perhaps ribbons would make them look even more fabulous, its a sure smile on the faces of your guest.

On another note I am also on my quest to reduce usage of plastic containers and materials that are not environment friendly ( you see...even my kids remind me to bring my own shopping bag...even when its not a Saturday ) So lets also do a favour for the only planet with cakes, cookies and candies...use recyclable material. 

Price starts from as low as RM3.50 ( square jar & contents)...with a min of 100 jars...

Make your pick...imagine what a cheerful  table your event will be with these 


Jelly swirl

Jelly drop


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