Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Still here.....for those celebrated moments.

My  mornings are filled with either baking or chocolate melting ( sambil dengar radio IKIM 91.5fm  ) .I've been baking every single day , new recipes , repeat recipes..bottom line is I have been baking and the only thing I have not done is blog about it.

Bila dah penat memang dah tak ada daya nak snap gambar apalagi blog about it. I will start as early as 8am when the kids are off to school and  stop at noon ,an hour before  the kids get back from school .

Yup my so call production  hours on normal days is only limited to mornings till noon but  during peak season it may continue after 10pm to the wee hours when the world is dead to most...

Apart from the good income that comes with making favours  which means orders with volume  ( during peak season ,I take up on  an average 4  big projects  between 500-1500pax with a budget ranging from  RM3 -RM10..Aha!!..its a lot of work okey) ...I do this for pleasure , when I don't bake ...I feel like a part of me is missing...even when I take a break...I somehow still bake for the family...I love the smell of bakes...its soothing...provided I get help with the cleaning..hehe..( Oh yes I do get help from part timers paid by the hour....pengsan kalau nak buat semua sendiri)

Cookies  in jars is still top in list now may it be for aqiqah ,engagement,weddings etc ...I encourage reusable packaging such as glass and tins  and try as much to reduce on plastic ....doing my bit for mother earth.

This time around,instead of putting in the same kind of cookie in the jar ,I am putting in a mixture of chocolate chip and also double chocolate chip for that  more intense cocoa taste. I love using Van Hounten or Hershey cocoa powder for my cookies...it is such a pleasure knowing that my customers feel that they have been a good host for one of their many celebrated moments...As long as I have the energy for this...Yes I will be here.

Wouldn't you be a happy guest receiving this as buah tangan?...

Sweetness & elegance in a jar....

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