Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Swiss Meringue Macarons

I have done the French method ( less fuss )....the Italian Method ( hot sugar..more washing to do ) and latest  the Swiss method which is cooked egg whites and caster sugar, making them are just like making swiss meringue buttercream but instead of adding in butter to the merigue , its almond and icing sugar. The verdict ....love the outcome...

Ingredients for Swiss Meringue

i) 80g egg white (at room temperature and aged - I age mine for 2 days)
   65g caster sugar

Double boil these just like making SMBC until you can't feel the sugar when rubbed between your fingers - about 50-55 deg C...tak ada temometer pun takpe..I just use my fingers when I first tried them. Than beat till stiff

ii)1/2 tsp lemon juice
Add in while you are beating the meringue - I guna limau nipis je ...hehe...

iii) Gel /powder colour of choice  - add in meringue when almost done.

iv) 80g ground almond
      140g icing sugar  - Well the usual thing.. sieve them and fold  dalam meringue - I did about 50 folds..slightly more folds than the French & Italian....pipe out 

Let them dry for 30-45 min ,
I baked mine for 15 min at 120degree C  (upper & lower flame , off oven fan)....Happy baking
These were gone just right after their photos were taken....

Love the feet
With macarons , its not just the recipe ....it's technique...

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