Saturday, September 15, 2012

Health & beauty - We make that choice

We all have heard the saying that, if we are healthy ,happy and fit then we will attain natural beauty. Health and  beauty both are strongly interlinked with each other. 

Many women consider makeup a must-have -- they simply won't leave home without it which is why make up has  a multi billion dollar market . But what is wealth without health?.. (its a klise huh !!)

A person with good health however will not need to depend on heavy  make up , health will reflect its natural radiance & glow.There are a lot of health products in the market and it is all up to us to make a choice what we require to maintain health and beauty. 

I agreed with the idea that we should not  be afraid of ageing...instead we should consider on ageing taking good care of both our mental & physical health , nature without doubt will take its course...itu fitra yang Allah dah jadikan  but we can choose to make it a wonderful journey... 

Well..I am no expert in this area..hehe.. however I had the pleasure to meet in person the  founder of one of our  home grown health and beauty product, Pn Noor of Ushine, check out health products and services from her company UShine ( CLIIK HERE) ..

She has also appeared on  SPM TV 1 on 6th Sep ( CLICK HERE)   & SPM TV 1 13th Sep ( CLICK HERE) promoting her latest product.

Pn Noor still looking good at 50++...

Their official AidilFitri  open house 2012 invitation. 

Yup...CST  made the door gift  favors  for the open house ...Praline with almond in a metallic gold box.

Chocolates and almond are also associated to release happy hormones..

Thanks to Pn Noor of  Ushine for the trust in CST to be  part of an important event in your calender.

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