Saturday, September 29, 2012

GTPM - Group Tak Pandai Masak

I smiled with glee when I first heard the name of this group ' Don't know how to cook" . Very catchy ...I kind of love it too..I figured that perhaps these are people who can actually cook but declaring themselves as naive in the kitchen department. 

Later discovered that this is a closed FB local community with members of 2000 plus that shares tips and recipes within their group members....interesting!!

 We live in the age where information is just a click away and help or advise from friends with  the same interest dihujung jari ...and this group I must say is for a good cause...Hurrah to GTPM...

This weekend GTPM celebrated their 1 anniversary that was held in the Grand ballroom of Hotel Singgahsana in PJ....I can imagine the fun....

70 jars of Walnut carrot cupcake  was a  generous contribution for the event from Pn Noor ,the cheerful big boss of Ushine Sdn Bhd .

Its a complete set that comprises of a custom size paper bag + hexagon jar + spoon + the exact recipe I used for the cake
Best eaten cold...

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