Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cake in jar - The how to

They are a trend today ,but desserts in jars in fact are timeless.In a day and age where so much of what we use day in day out is disposable ,using glass jars is a way of making that gift and entire reusable package.

They can be a cute and decorative gift that requires just a simple ribbon and a gift tag as packaging and they can also find a place at a respectable event party.

Making them however needs more work compared to the normal cupcake. But trust me its all worth it.

Here I am sharing a simple how go make them....

You can crumble the cake or like this one ..use a cookie cutter to get a perfect round shape

Slice them into thinner pieces so that you can stuff them in the jar in layers...( This is carrot walnut cake...Yumm) can get the  recipe in my earlier post.

Layer them with your favourite frosting....and oh yes you need a spoon to enjoy this...I like mine cold so most of the time I will refrigerate them for a while..

Pipe out a swirl and sprinkle with any decorations you like ( I love silverballs)

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