Sunday, September 30, 2012

Biskut Jam Nanas - Nostalgic memories

How can  I forget the taste of  these crispy chewy pineapple jam biscuits  from childhood. Lepas makan satu ,ambil lagi satu then another and you cannot stop .

To bring back memories of the timeless cookie ,I have added them  into my favor menu..The idea of packing ready made favors actually came when I had a  customer  that  "desperately" wanted  my bakes  and wanted CST's touch on the packaging ...

As I was unable to  take anymore baking orders in for I suggested her ready made items ...she was over the moon when I suggested this biscuit...." lah  apasal I tak fikir pasal biskut tu..I pun suka sangat makan biskut tu...ok set  you buat cantik2 tau..!!"...was her respond....mission accomplished...hehe

The square jar can fit in 8 pcs of this pineapple biscuit.

Don't they look alittle bit like macarons?!!..

Classic  beauty.....jars with black cap & double ribbon...

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