Sunday, September 30, 2012

Biskut Jam Nanas - Nostalgic memories

How can  I forget the taste of  these crispy chewy pineapple jam biscuits  from childhood. Lepas makan satu ,ambil lagi satu then another and you cannot stop .

To bring back memories of the timeless cookie ,I have added them  into my favor menu..The idea of packing ready made favors actually came when I had a  customer  that  "desperately" wanted  my bakes  and wanted CST's touch on the packaging ...

As I was unable to  take anymore baking orders in for I suggested her ready made items ...she was over the moon when I suggested this biscuit...." lah  apasal I tak fikir pasal biskut tu..I pun suka sangat makan biskut tu...ok set  you buat cantik2 tau..!!"...was her respond....mission accomplished...hehe

The square jar can fit in 8 pcs of this pineapple biscuit.

Don't they look alittle bit like macarons?!!..

Classic  beauty.....jars with black cap & double ribbon...

Saturday, September 29, 2012

GTPM - Group Tak Pandai Masak

I smiled with glee when I first heard the name of this group ' Don't know how to cook" . Very catchy ...I kind of love it too..I figured that perhaps these are people who can actually cook but declaring themselves as naive in the kitchen department. 

Later discovered that this is a closed FB local community with members of 2000 plus that shares tips and recipes within their group members....interesting!!

 We live in the age where information is just a click away and help or advise from friends with  the same interest dihujung jari ...and this group I must say is for a good cause...Hurrah to GTPM...

This weekend GTPM celebrated their 1 anniversary that was held in the Grand ballroom of Hotel Singgahsana in PJ....I can imagine the fun....

70 jars of Walnut carrot cupcake  was a  generous contribution for the event from Pn Noor ,the cheerful big boss of Ushine Sdn Bhd .

Its a complete set that comprises of a custom size paper bag + hexagon jar + spoon + the exact recipe I used for the cake
Best eaten cold...

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cake in jar - The how to

They are a trend today ,but desserts in jars in fact are timeless.In a day and age where so much of what we use day in day out is disposable ,using glass jars is a way of making that gift and entire reusable package.

They can be a cute and decorative gift that requires just a simple ribbon and a gift tag as packaging and they can also find a place at a respectable event party.

Making them however needs more work compared to the normal cupcake. But trust me its all worth it.

Here I am sharing a simple how go make them....

You can crumble the cake or like this one ..use a cookie cutter to get a perfect round shape

Slice them into thinner pieces so that you can stuff them in the jar in layers...( This is carrot walnut cake...Yumm) can get the  recipe in my earlier post.

Layer them with your favourite frosting....and oh yes you need a spoon to enjoy this...I like mine cold so most of the time I will refrigerate them for a while..

Pipe out a swirl and sprinkle with any decorations you like ( I love silverballs)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Jars & paper bags - Personalize set

Compared to 17 years ago when I got married , most  weddings in Malaysia  now days has adapted to the idea of a theme , from the wedding dress , flower girls , dais  , tables and some even down to the  napkins  used . Everything ( if not all) must be according to theme , so must the favors...

In response to this,  CST is  is glad to offer various shapes of jars ( round /hexagon/ square) together with personalized paper bag that fits the jar right in...they look very exclusive .  You can fill them in with candies, mushmellows, chocolates , cookies , cakes and such...

Price is from RM3.00 on wards depending on decoration on the jar ( min order 200 sets) ...
less than 200 pax RM3.50 per set.

A good mate...the jar and the bag.The bag is printed on high gloss quality paper

There is still space on top in case you wish to add in other favors in the bags

Jars can be decorated with stickers on side of the jar or on top of the metal cap, tied with ribbons etc make that choice..

Monday, September 24, 2012

Chocolate cupcakes - Go bake that cupcake

Chocolate cupcakes are an all time favourite , kids love them, mommy does too. They are good at tea and makes a perfect door gift for Birthdays and such. Just be creative with your packing and Wallah....lets party!!

With Internet there are countless  recipes you can experiment with .  I have tried out many and  have found a few personal favourite , this one here is one of it  Moist Chocolate Cupcake (Click Here)  . This recipe doesn't use any eggs but its perfectly moist ( perfect for vegetarians )  it calls for oil , boleh guna minyak sawit ganti minyak jagung....

Batman & Robin Bday party theme...boys will be boys

What's not to like about moist chocolate cake..??

Saturday, September 22, 2012

A women's touch

"I nak chocolate yang looks feminine, nak warna pink...tapi tak nak yang Rose kecik biasa kat kenduri kawin tu ..nak yang special sikit ,you boleh buat tak?.. ..asked  Pn Nadia ..

Hmm feminine chocolates...think think think....

This was what I came up with to answer her quest for femininity in cocoa...Its Julie's peanut butter cookies inside.....she was delighted..!!!Roses, Orchids and Sun Flower 
Her respond...." Wah!! I like.. cantiknya...sayang nak makan"...hehe

Thursday, September 20, 2012


MINTA MAAF SANGAT2...I cannot take anymore orders  for Sep/Oct /Nov...December's slot pun dah almost full and I am taking a break 3rd & 4th week of Dec for my annual cuti cuti ...thanks 

Time to stock up for peak season

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cookies - Simple baking tools & utensils

A friend asked me , how do I make my cookies all the same size ?...Senang jer...its either you weigh them individually or you can use an ice cream scoop  to get them in a uniform size..

Ice cream scooped cookie dough....I have 3 sizes in my kitchen...
" I tak boleh buatlah..tak ada mixer"...said another friend. Untuk buat cookies tak ada mixer pun tak don't actually need to beat them to a certain consistency like cakes,  you just need to incorporate the ingredients... a mixing bowl and a good spatula would do the go make those cookies..everything is in your kitchen....opps ...provided ada ovenlah...kalau tak ada...then can always call me ...beli jer...I do get a lot of that ...hehe...

They are super creamy and crispy , l'll never buy commercial butter cookies again...
A perfect bake.

Health & beauty - We make that choice

We all have heard the saying that, if we are healthy ,happy and fit then we will attain natural beauty. Health and  beauty both are strongly interlinked with each other. 

Many women consider makeup a must-have -- they simply won't leave home without it which is why make up has  a multi billion dollar market . But what is wealth without health?.. (its a klise huh !!)

A person with good health however will not need to depend on heavy  make up , health will reflect its natural radiance & glow.There are a lot of health products in the market and it is all up to us to make a choice what we require to maintain health and beauty. 

I agreed with the idea that we should not  be afraid of ageing...instead we should consider on ageing taking good care of both our mental & physical health , nature without doubt will take its course...itu fitra yang Allah dah jadikan  but we can choose to make it a wonderful journey... 

Well..I am no expert in this area..hehe.. however I had the pleasure to meet in person the  founder of one of our  home grown health and beauty product, Pn Noor of Ushine, check out health products and services from her company UShine ( CLIIK HERE) ..

She has also appeared on  SPM TV 1 on 6th Sep ( CLICK HERE)   & SPM TV 1 13th Sep ( CLICK HERE) promoting her latest product.

Pn Noor still looking good at 50++...

Their official AidilFitri  open house 2012 invitation. 

Yup...CST  made the door gift  favors  for the open house ...Praline with almond in a metallic gold box.

Chocolates and almond are also associated to release happy hormones..

Thanks to Pn Noor of  Ushine for the trust in CST to be  part of an important event in your calender.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Crispy Butter Cookies - Keeping it simple

I believe in the saying that less is more , from clothing , home decorating down to the food we eat. Keep it simple but using only the best ingredient . Butter cookies is my personal favorite may look plain but it taste like heaven once it starts melting in your mouth...( I like baking mine a bit longer to brown it a little)...hehe

I bake my buter cookies with....well.. pure butter  , either Anchor, SCS  Tantura or any other brands  ( must be Certified HALAL ) ,however for commercial reasons where budget is concern , I will have no choice but  to substitute pure butter to Buttercup ( unless the customer says they don't mind the price)... actually  Buttercup taste just as good...well.. perhaps  not as good as using pure butter ....but its still yummy...oh never use margerine for taste dull and dry.....I've tasted them ...Urgghhh how can they sell such cookies...or maybe its just me...ok...sharing here the recipe I use for my butter cookies taken from the book Cookies Heaven..

My son's McQueen roaring for a bite....oh I added choc chip on the cookie as the customer wanted some colour 

Ingredients :
1 cup butter, softened
1-1/2 cups confectioners' sugar
2 egg 
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2-1/2 cups  flour
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda (added into 1/2 tsp hot water to give it that extra crisp)...

Directions :
-In a large bowl, cream butter and confectioners' sugar until light and fluffy. 
-Beat in egg  and vanilla. 
-Combine the flour, baking powder and baking soda+ hot water ; gradually add to the creamed mixture and mix well.
-Roll into 1-1/2-in. balls,,flatten with a fork.
- Bake at 150° for 12-14 minutes or until edges are lightly browned. 
-Remove to wire racks to cool. 

Yield: about 4 dozen.

These are 20gm each cookies ..made as a doorgift for relatives at an engagement ceremony last weekend...

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Cake in jars - Have it your way

The idea of stuffing  cakes  in jars makes it easy to adapt to any  party theme you have. Choices of sticker & ribbons are endless ....

You can have any cake made this way , red velvet with cream cheese,rainbow cake layered with cream , chocolate with vanilla butter cream, carrot walnut with swiss meringue butter cream cheese, blueberry cake layered with chocolate & blueberry frosting etc etc...just thinking about the possibilities gets me excited...

I am so in love with cakes in jars as these cakes also makes it easy  for  guest to enjoy them anytime anywhere as it can be taken home and kept in the fridge when the cake will taste its best with the buttercream . No mess ,less fuss...just pretty cakes in jars eat your heart out.....this is one gift your guest will surely enjoy & remember.

Prince and Princess theme  for a triple birthday bash .50 jars of these rainbow  inspired cakes were made for a dear friend of mine Laila  from my working days in Marsh Insurance Brokers . We both now have taken the same path   being a  full time home maker, managing what means most to us in the same time pursuing our dream doing what we are passionate about...for me its pretty bakes ...loving every moment of this flourishing business I started from home...

3 layer of coloured butter cake ,again I used the SMBC frosting with extra SCS pure butter .
Blue ribbons to cater for the boys as they may shy away from picking up the jars with pink ribbons associated with  girls.

Ziela is one of my loyal assistant - bukan Indon like the other 2 yer!!  , after a few simple guidance from yours truly ,she has now  started her own online favour shop too name Hadiah Si Manis . I believe that knowledge should be shared and  we all have our own rezki. Whatever recipe, and techniques she learns from working with me she is able  to use to develop her own products too..there is no secret recipe , its hands on training.

Brown paper bag taking the same party theme...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Swiss Meringue Macarons

I have done the French method ( less fuss )....the Italian Method ( hot sugar..more washing to do ) and latest  the Swiss method which is cooked egg whites and caster sugar, making them are just like making swiss meringue buttercream but instead of adding in butter to the merigue , its almond and icing sugar. The verdict the outcome...

Ingredients for Swiss Meringue

i) 80g egg white (at room temperature and aged - I age mine for 2 days)
   65g caster sugar

Double boil these just like making SMBC until you can't feel the sugar when rubbed between your fingers - about 50-55 deg C...tak ada temometer pun takpe..I just use my fingers when I first tried them. Than beat till stiff

ii)1/2 tsp lemon juice
Add in while you are beating the meringue - I guna limau nipis je ...hehe...

iii) Gel /powder colour of choice  - add in meringue when almost done.

iv) 80g ground almond
      140g icing sugar  - Well the usual thing.. sieve them and fold  dalam meringue - I did about 50 folds..slightly more folds than the French & Italian....pipe out 

Let them dry for 30-45 min ,
I baked mine for 15 min at 120degree C  (upper & lower flame , off oven fan)....Happy baking
These were gone just right after their photos were taken....

Love the feet
With macarons , its not just the recipe's technique...