Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ramadhan - A month filled with blessings

It is the most anticipated month by Muslim's all over the world and all praises to Allah we are still here to embrace the coming of Ramadhan....oh rindunya 

With Ramadhan approaching, CST has receive many request for bakes mostly cookies for celebration of Aid Fitri .

However in honoring the special month ,I have decided to not bake . My apologies for those whom had wrote in for requests . I am giving the much needed  "rest" to  my oven..she needs a break too .

 Well baking is indeed a  passion but it also means a busy kitchen .I wish to  devote more time making family favorites during the month.

I may also want to use the opportunity of time to try out new recipes which I may later introduce as new menu for my customers .It has been sometime that  I have been wanting to experiment but was unable to due to the hectic schedule of my orders . To those who wrote in thanks for your interest ,InsyaAllah my oven will be up and kicking again by 2nd week of Syawal

Love this simple yet classic jar of cookie

The custom paper bag will make it easy  for the receiver to carry the glass jar 

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