Thursday, July 12, 2012

New bake - Osaka /Hokkaido Cake

Ever since I  tasted Osaka / Hokkaido cake which  I bought from a stylish little bakery at Tokyo Street Pavillion , I was determine to look for the recipe and make them myself .

 I love the soft texture of the somewhat spongecake like cake, it has this milky,vanilla taste that makes you want to go for a second bite and soon finish the whole cake.

My kids love them , it is fluffy , light and the custard cream filling perfects the cake 
. As  I was already an "expert " in making meringue for my macarons, the technique used in making this cake came in easy for me based on a recipe I found on the net .( Yup goggle never fail me in my quest for good recipes)

Having made them a few times now with great success  , I guess I am ready to add this cake to my menu.

My son was the happiest to find these home made Hokkaido cake in the fridge when he got home from school

Bakeries are selling them at RM15 for 6 cups ...I've not how much mine will be yet..hmmm

It's so soft ...light and fluffy ..and it is filled with custard cream in the eaten when cold.

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