Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Rainbow cake - Pretty in Pink

Since I am done with almost all my baking orders this month ( almost )...I took time looking for new  bakes . I was instantly in love with the pink rainbowcake recipe  from  Glorioustreats ( click here) and it did not took me long to try baking one out,was however to lazy to make the rose swirls for my kids would not appreciate them. So a pink cake it is ...Rainbows are for kids...I'm a lady and pink is  pretty.

Its a simple cake to make ....this one is with less coloring

Gone in no time

Thursday, July 12, 2012

New bake - Osaka /Hokkaido Cake

Ever since I  tasted Osaka / Hokkaido cake which  I bought from a stylish little bakery at Tokyo Street Pavillion , I was determine to look for the recipe and make them myself .

 I love the soft texture of the somewhat spongecake like cake, it has this milky,vanilla taste that makes you want to go for a second bite and soon finish the whole cake.

My kids love them , it is fluffy , light and the custard cream filling perfects the cake 
. As  I was already an "expert " in making meringue for my macarons, the technique used in making this cake came in easy for me based on a recipe I found on the net .( Yup goggle never fail me in my quest for good recipes)

Having made them a few times now with great success  , I guess I am ready to add this cake to my menu.

My son was the happiest to find these home made Hokkaido cake in the fridge when he got home from school

Bakeries are selling them at RM15 for 6 cups ...I've not how much mine will be yet..hmmm

It's so soft ...light and fluffy ..and it is filled with custard cream in the eaten when cold.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Ramadhan Dates In Hard Box

The season of giving is here .

Dates in elegant boxes makes perfect personal & corporate gifts . I use Mariami Jumbo from Iran for the packs .

The dates can be stuffed with roasted almond and also dipped in chocolate of your choice 
( white /milk/dark)  to make it even more special.

Aluminum wrap for the choc dipped dates

 They come in box of 12cav , 16 cav, 30cav & 42 cav.various colours
Min order of 20 boxes for 12 cav , 
10 boxes for 16 cav & 30 cav 
5 boxes for 42 cav

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ramadhan - A month filled with blessings

It is the most anticipated month by Muslim's all over the world and all praises to Allah we are still here to embrace the coming of Ramadhan....oh rindunya 

With Ramadhan approaching, CST has receive many request for bakes mostly cookies for celebration of Aid Fitri .

However in honoring the special month ,I have decided to not bake . My apologies for those whom had wrote in for requests . I am giving the much needed  "rest" to  my oven..she needs a break too .

 Well baking is indeed a  passion but it also means a busy kitchen .I wish to  devote more time making family favorites during the month.

I may also want to use the opportunity of time to try out new recipes which I may later introduce as new menu for my customers .It has been sometime that  I have been wanting to experiment but was unable to due to the hectic schedule of my orders . To those who wrote in thanks for your interest ,InsyaAllah my oven will be up and kicking again by 2nd week of Syawal

Love this simple yet classic jar of cookie

The custom paper bag will make it easy  for the receiver to carry the glass jar 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Best Seller - Peanut Butter ,almond nib cookies

For the past 2 months I have been baking hundreds of kg's of these super crispy cookies to be filled in jars for various occasions . 

Those who have tasted them only have all good things to say about how good it taste . I guess the secret is in the use of butter , not margerine like most commercial cookies. I will post the recipe in due time , so stay tune.