Sunday, June 17, 2012

Celebrated Moments

One of the perks of doing door gift business is I get invited to the kenduri(s) too.Between April and June, I  was involved in preparing door gifts for 2 hotel weddings , 2 grand halls and 1 open air cozy home  engagement kenduri.They were all special in their own way.

Last weekend I attended a grand wedding held in Putrajaya.I had done her engagement doorgift 6 months ago and now entrusted with the big day.

The food from Kuzie catering by Pak Engku did live up to their reputation catering for many celebrities and big names in the country..such as Siti , Lisa Surihani & Linda Rafar just to name a few.

Chantiq Sweet Treats was most delighted to be given the trust to be part of this lovely celebrated moment .

One thing new and different which I made this time  was to also cater favors for the little ones .We have decided to do POP CORNS with a lovely Cinderella & prince charming  theme sticker. 

Being there in person,I was able to witness for myself how kids light up with joy when they are handed out with the cute sweet cone.

There was scent  of fresh flowers everywhere

You can have it in any theme you can imagine...this one was happy ever after
They both made a graceful gift on the dulang carried by "dayang2"...

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