Saturday, June 30, 2012

Black Beauty - Black Velvet Cupcake

It uses the same recipe as Red velvet (RV) , only this time instead of red colouring , it's black  gel colouring which gives it the intense rich dark cocoa look .As for the frosting, instead of cream cheese ,I made SMBC using pure SCS butter .The have to try it to know

Friday, June 29, 2012

Still here - apam polka dot

It amazes me how these cute little apam polka dot has still  not lost its popularity .I have stop making and taking orders for a while even when they were many request for it. I guess I was enjoying the pricier bakes  such as Macarons  and cupcakes .

Perhaps because its affordable and the mix colours are able to bright up any party.. people still seek for this cute little dotted apam. So if I'm not too tied up with other bakes, apam's will still be ok to make.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Swiss Meringue Butter Cream -Best choice for less sweet frosting

Swiss Meringue Butter Cream (SMBC) taste  like heaven. It's so light , creamy, fluffy ,satiny smooth ,stable and not at all overly sweet like most frosting. 

I definitely prefer it over any other kind of frosting. Ever since I first tested SMBC I have been searching for a fool proof recipe that I love and that is easy to make. 

As usual I found it in my virtual guru - Cikgu Youtube ..internet rocks.Click here for technique & recipe

Trust me on this one.The 1:2:3  recipe is so easy to make once you get hold of the technique.  
It's so amazing I can't say enough and I  prefer to refrigerate my cupcakes after frosting them with this SMBC. This will set the frosting. Then bring them to room temperature prior to serving. It's cake with icing minus the guilt 

Moist dark chocolate cupcake  with Vanilla SMBC
Edible image to add in fun ...Madagascar on the son made  200 pcs  of these for fund raising during his School Canteen day and they sold out in less than an hour.

With SMBC , my rose swirls were so easy to pipe out and the frosting was stable without being too sweet.....

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pride & Joy - Aqiqah baby pack

The arrival of a new born is sure to bring a whole lot of happiness to the entire family . What better way to celebrate the new bundle of joy than to hold an Aqiqah kenduri where family and friends  gather and give their well wishes on the new arrival.

A complete baby pack  such as  this is sure to make it an occasion to remember. A gesture of thank you to your guest .

Custom paper bag , jar , mini towel & invitation card.
High gloss half A4 size custom design paper bag

Postcard size invitation card,double sided

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Celebrated Moments

One of the perks of doing door gift business is I get invited to the kenduri(s) too.Between April and June, I  was involved in preparing door gifts for 2 hotel weddings , 2 grand halls and 1 open air cozy home  engagement kenduri.They were all special in their own way.

Last weekend I attended a grand wedding held in Putrajaya.I had done her engagement doorgift 6 months ago and now entrusted with the big day.

The food from Kuzie catering by Pak Engku did live up to their reputation catering for many celebrities and big names in the country..such as Siti , Lisa Surihani & Linda Rafar just to name a few.

Chantiq Sweet Treats was most delighted to be given the trust to be part of this lovely celebrated moment .

One thing new and different which I made this time  was to also cater favors for the little ones .We have decided to do POP CORNS with a lovely Cinderella & prince charming  theme sticker. 

Being there in person,I was able to witness for myself how kids light up with joy when they are handed out with the cute sweet cone.

There was scent  of fresh flowers everywhere

You can have it in any theme you can imagine...this one was happy ever after
They both made a graceful gift on the dulang carried by "dayang2"...

Friday, June 15, 2012

Favors in jars - Be Eco friendly

I am personally in love with favors in jars, they are a great way to celebrate your special day by having it personalised as a gift for each guest.

You can choose the graphic, font and message to go on each jar to enhance your occasion  color theme  .

With their many shapes and sizes , you can fill them with your favourite confectionary or bakes ,they make box and plastic packaging look over rated.

The best part, glass jars are reusable and is enviromental friendly , lets do a favor for our planet , lets be  eco  friendly.....hurrah for glass jars...

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Looking fresh - Lemon & Rose dried jelly

At the moment otak tengah tepu busy sangat  tak tau nak tulis apa but nak share this lovely wedding doorgift  in jar I made using agar2 kering

A combination of lime green leaf with red rose .Lain dari yang lain and I love it too..these jelly will be travelling all the way to Kota Bahru.

Green Jelly is Lemon flavour , the red roses Strawberry.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

The beauty of giving

We all know that giving makes the world a better place.In Islam we have Sedekah , Hadiah ,Zakat which are all the act of giving

 When we give, we benefit others and make them happy and when others are happy the feeling comes back to us.

Studies show that the  simple act of giving can improve our health & wealth. Research also  shows that giving is one of the best things we can do for ourselves, as well as others. It is a spiritual therapy .

People are exceptionally generous when celebrating happy moments.
Spread happiness...a cute token of appreciation like this  is sure to bring out a smile...

Give .....for life  is sweet indeed