Saturday, May 12, 2012

Pretty Treats in Jars

Perhaps I should  reserve my comments on how sinfully delicious these red velvet cupcakes are . Most of them  who has tried this cake would always come for more.I even have a customer who orders these cake on a monthly basis and  do I wonder  when would  she get tired of it.

Personally red velvets are addictive...just looking at them makes me hungry.

The latest trend now is putting them in jars for easier handling ,they are infact more gorgeous in jars and they make perfect doorgiftrs .You can decorate the jars according to your theme and they are easy for your guest to enjoy or carry home.

Whoever that came up with this idea of cupcake in jars is a genius and I am thankful for the innovation. It is so much more easier to enjoy your favourite cake and creame topping...tak bersepah ,the best part kalau tak habis boleh simpan balik dlm fridge and enjoy the next day...somehow it does taste better the next day..

I was out of jars for this last minute order ,so  a round plastic container which I use to fill in my cookies was just perfect . 

Keep them in the fridge and enjoy them anytime you want...but being this good wouldn't last that long in the fridge.

This coming June  is "kenduri "month and yup our hands are full   .Managed to convince most of my customer to hand out big size  cookies for their guest instead of the normal cupcake favors.Will pack them all  in plastic jars with pretty ribbons and personalized tag/stickers...

A personalized cookie jar  for dear teachers...

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