Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Preserving our Tradition

Bunga Telur use to be a compulsory wedding buah tangan for all the guest . Egg symbolizes fertility ,the beginning of a new life.

However today this tradition is slowly being forgotten . Only selected few are handed out with Bunga Telur, normally close family and the so call important guest.

Time changes and people change with time .However some tradition need to be preserve to remind us of our roots ,tradition & culture makes us unique and we want our generations to come to continue the legacy left by their elder.

I am glad that agar agar kering is still around and orders and inquiries had been flooding in , there are even   pre book orders for 2013 weddings .

Agar agar kering now is  with more style and is given a new breath of flavor ,they can be infused with popular flavors such as strawberry ,orange, lychee etc  ,the original are crinkle cuts  and is only rock sugar & jelly . Things were so much simpler back then.

This mengkuang basket can fit in 60-70gm of dried jelly

Decoration options and endless....its all about budget.

Making them isn't hard but penjagaan dia yang rumit....during hot season , it will take 3-4 days to dry in hot sun .It can also take up to 10 days to dry  if weather is gloomy

Mixture of soft pink and clear hearts

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