Thursday, May 31, 2012

Macaron (reject) cookies - There is still hope

This  school holiday season I have been working  with big batches of macaron orders. Most bakes turn  out perfect and  yes I do have rejects. 

Before this I would have just dump all reject shells  into the bin .Yup that's a lot of waste and its a sin (Oh Allah forgive me)

Reject macarons are not  because they don't taste good but just because they don't look perfectly good ( its a cruel world indeed ).They are rejected due to slightly burnt shell , crooked feet , short feet and such but they are in true fact very much edible .

I never calculated how many kg went into the bin and I hate the thought of it knowing they were good almond powder and there are people around the world who are suffering from hunger.My kids are no longer interested in macaron no matter what the flavour . So in the bin they go...

Until last night, my hubby suggested that I should try make something out of the not so perfect macaron shells,so this morning I experimented. 

300gm rejected macaron shell (crushed)
150gm butter
1 egg
100gm plain  flour
1 tsp vanilla
( I need not use cocoa since I was already  working with rejected chocolate macarons)

How to :

- Beat butter & egg 
- Add  vanilla
- Dump in the crushed macarons
- Add flour
- Shape the soft dough anyway you like and bake at 150c for 30 minutes.

So the outcome was ....super yummy crispy cookie!!!...I do not know what to call them but they do taste good and my kids love them...there is crisp and a slight taste of chewy .

This cookie however will never go on sale for they are too complicated to make...why?....cause you need to make macarons first..crush them and bake again...hehe
( perhaps adding raisins and nuts would also be a good idea).

So next time don't throw away the shells....collect them and turn them into another cookie your family can enjoy

They have a crispy outer with a little chewy inner - taste wonderful...

In the world of macaron, only the perfect one gets the attention...but hey there is still hope for the rejects if you only give them a chance....and all you know they may even taste better than those with pretty little feet.

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