Monday, May 28, 2012

A humble beginning - Looking back from a year ago

It's amazing to think how  time passes by.I still remember how a year ago I had my kids drop post card size flyers into mail boxes around the neighborhood informing people what I had to offer .In the beginning it was just chocolates  ,the bakes only came in a month later .

I remember the 1st phone call ,the 1st delivery the first sms saying"thank you for the yummy bakes you made for me" .

I remember all the trial and errors I had ,the sleepless nights ,being a self taught baker was indeed great fun but it wasn't easy .It must have been the passion that made me going .I invested on books and spend countless hours on the internet for information .Never attended any classes except for one which I thought wasn't that great (youtube was far way better).

My first big order was just 3 months after I started CST , it was 1000 boxes of 4 praline as door gifts ,1000 muffins  and 1ooo pcs of blueberry cheese tarts for a wedding in Shah Alam.It was a lot of work, from investing on equipments ,sourcing raw materials down to the desired packaging by theme. 

It was great exposure , I made baker friends in the process as I decided to sub some of the bakes ,  learn a lot along the way dealing with suppliers , hiring assistance , managing production ,transportation and all.The customer was so  pleased  she sent me a lovely thank you e mail I recall every word , from there on I never looked back and I knew this was what I wanted to do.

Words got around and more orders started to come in from individuals & organizations ( Proton ,Petronas  , RHB,Maybank , Kolej Segi  just to name a few)...I later registered CST as an enterprise  under Cups & cookies Entp.

 I must say that I am proud to be a part of many celebrated moments .

InsyaAllah CST  will be around for many years to come and looking back I am glad I had started the journey..."Cantik" means pretty...and pretty is what CST favors  will  strive to be.

What can be better than baking your own Red Velvet cake to mark a year of sweet bakes .I love using the recipe adapted from Bakerella but with a reduced amount of sugar.

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