Sunday, May 20, 2012

Rose Cake - My new cool bake

Gosh ...I  have been and will be super duper crazy busy with baking and packing until end of June . As for now  I am just out of ideas of what to write even when there is just so much to tell .

                                   Check out this  inspiring Rose cake from Iambaker 

I have  added this Rose cake as a new addition on my menu...  cool huh...and yup my hands are already full with this Rose Cake bake...price starts from RM40 for 1/2 kg...depending on cake...( it's buttercream frosting, not shortening or any of those greasy whips)... 

Like always , with my kids,no amount of cake can last up to a week...

You can have it double tone to give it a lively effect.

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