Thursday, April 12, 2012

Theme & Budget Trim

Weddings are not cheap nowdays , especially when there is a cetain theme involved .  I have made macarons for a wedding that has almost everything  green. The wedding was in  all shades of green from the wedding dress down to the tissue paper.

But in our economy today ,not everyone can afford to splurge their guest with all that the heart desires. A little imagination and creativity  however goes a long way... don't we all need to trim where possible without sacrificing glamour!!?...hehe

This elegant yet within budget door gift I had worked on looked charming with every detail in the shade of turquoise blue being the theme ( As per your wish Mira) .

At first she wanted cookies , but it was out of budget as the hexagon jar & sticker alone was already RM2.50 and that does not include ribbons which is a must have  .So I figured that candies ( normal packed candies)  wrapped in blue aluminum will do perfect . Tied with a matching lace organza ribbon ..Whoaala ...She loved it!!. It's hard to explain the feeling when you see a satisfied and happy customer. I love my job.

Hexagon jar + Organza Ribbon + Sticker + 10pcs of Aluminum wrap candy  @ RM5

Stunning inside out...Min 100 jars..

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