Monday, April 9, 2012

Praline -Door gift Ideas

Many times I get customers that are unsure of what to give out as door gifts for their guest, it has to look pretty , taste good and  within budget .

Normally when guest are above 400 people, the host will have an allocation of between RM5- RM7 only for the doorgifts ...thats's alot of money but I guess that is what people are ready to spend on now days

Well macarons is are indeed the trend now and it has been a hit but I must admit that not everyone enjoys eating macarons, many don't even know about this french cookie. 

To be on the safe side I always recommend pralines...almost everyone likes chocolate and yes they normally suit the budget requirement . 

A set of 4 pralines with almond or other fillings + Ribbons+ Tag in a custom order colour box will only be RM5.50 .Macarons on the other hand is  RM5 for 2 and that does not include packaging & decorations yet ...I can say, you can never go wrong with pralines... ..not that I do not recommend macarons....but from  experience...chocolates makes better gifts when there is volume..

All dressed up...any colour....anytime

Pick me up..and pop me in...yumm...

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