Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Obviously I do not make it a point to take all photos of my bakes and creations ( some customer even request that I do not post them on the blog for exclusivity )...and most of the time I will be either too sleepy when I am all done or my kitchen is too messy for me to even have the heart to snap any pics. 

Out of the  not so many photos taken ,I must admit that macarons are however very photogenic,I always have the urge to pose them nicely  whenever possible and they always look pretty ,I find that they are in their best colour after being rested  a day after baking so even Macs need their beauty sleep...ghee..

Perhaps there is a reason why they call this a Diva cookie...she's  got that supermodel  quality ,treat her right (measure accurately ) ,pay attention( macaronage)  etc etc  and she will give you the very best of her..every time every won't be sorry you had to go through all the drama... 

For the dulang hantaran ...

The doorgifts...the guest must be delighted to have this.
Peanut butter filling ,( its white choc +heavy cream+ peanut butter)

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  1. how much are these macaroons for 4 pieces in oblong box? thanks