Friday, April 13, 2012

Early Planning

It is not once or twice that  I get orders that are less than 2 weeks  for bulk quantity ie :more than 200 pax . Normally they are for personal gifts ,aqiqah , house warming & birthday parties ,I reckon they were last minute decision. As much as I can I will try to fulfill but there were times that I had to turn them down.

Planning early gives both parties more options .Some custom packaging needs special design s & orders from other suppliers , some sweet favors need time to take its complete : agar agar kering &  macarons.

Agar agar kering may be simple but the drying process is tedious....

Macarons too need  time. I can't deliver macarons on Wenesday for a call made on Monday whatever the quantity  .Good macarons need ageing the egg whites at least 2 days,some recommend 5 days  , and it is recommended that it is best eaten after 48 hours after putting in the filling and that's almost a its always good to plan early.

This traditional jelly needs not less than 10 days to dry up perfectly

Your satisfaction is my reputation 

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