Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Obviously I do not make it a point to take all photos of my bakes and creations ( some customer even request that I do not post them on the blog for exclusivity )...and most of the time I will be either too sleepy when I am all done or my kitchen is too messy for me to even have the heart to snap any pics. 

Out of the  not so many photos taken ,I must admit that macarons are however very photogenic,I always have the urge to pose them nicely  whenever possible and they always look pretty ,I find that they are in their best colour after being rested  a day after baking so even Macs need their beauty sleep...ghee..

Perhaps there is a reason why they call this a Diva cookie...she's  got that supermodel  quality ,treat her right (measure accurately ) ,pay attention( macaronage)  etc etc  and she will give you the very best of her..every time every won't be sorry you had to go through all the drama... 

For the dulang hantaran ...

The doorgifts...the guest must be delighted to have this.
Peanut butter filling ,( its white choc +heavy cream+ peanut butter)

Monday, April 23, 2012

GLAM - Explore ,dream ,discover

I have been "slaving" myself making mac these few days on a bulk delivery that will be due by Friday and today I was thinking of taking a break after managing to make more than what I had scheduled for.

Went to Pavillion to catch up with a friend over lunch and oh ya I did had a great time at the foot spa too .Indulge in a little shopping too ... Pandora Murano glass was on sale...

Soon after that, I  went to  my favourite  book store  and laid my eyes on  GLAM magazine...with focus on India , Rozita Che Wan as month cover ...I went through the pages and love all the pictures... 

I'm going to read this tonight but would love to share what's written by the Editor which was  kind of inspiring for me taken  from Mark Twain " Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do.So throw off the bowlines,sail away from safe harbour,catch the trade winds in your sail. Explore,Dream , Discover "...Glad I am doing just that and followed my dream 

It was a hot day and I can't help but whip  the egg whites and made this GLAM inspired  mac for much for taking a break...

Wohoo Love the colour....something different inspired by blue skies and Indian spice , will fill them with salted caramel leftover...

Exotic India....

This the true Diva....

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hearts & Roses

Looks  like someone is madly deeply in love they wanted their guest to have red roses and hearts in the shape of dried jelly on their engagement day.

The photo was taken whilst the jelly is still in its wet form will take a week or so to dry them off before packing them in jars as an engagement door gift ..

Colourless leafs look like crystal and the hearts and roses  like rubies.

The jelly when ready will be frosted and has a crisp outer and a jelly inner....the effect of rock sugar..

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Oven dried macarons

The weather has not been kind lately for macaron makers . It will either rain early morning or late afternoon .High humidity are  macarons biggest enemy. So I surf the net looking for more  tips  to face the uncertain  weather for I cannot afford to disappoint my pre booked customers . Finally found out  that heating up your oven to 160C for 15 minutes and tuning it off and place the macaron sheet in front of the oven will help dry them like a hot sunny day. Did just that and Yippie....I got macaron with feet on a rainy day...and Opps April orders closed peps...

Lemon ganache filling...

Macarons look great ...any colour you pair them with....

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Coffee Choc Chip cookies

For Coffee lovers , now you can even have your favourite beverage  in a cookie .This crunchy almond double choc chip cookie is topped with coffee flavor chips.My kitchen  was filled with the sweet coffee aroma when I was baking these.

These are 25gm each cookie...

Used Doily paper to give it that dainty look..its the small things that make a difference...

Monday, April 16, 2012

How big are the macarons?

One of the most common question from those interested in macaron is -" macaron u  size apa ek? "( sms language!!) 

Hmm I know its hard to imagine when I respond to that question , approx 3.5cm in diameter, jenuh  pulak nak  pegi cari ruler , tu pun kalau ada ...hehe, so I figure I'd snap a photo and place it beside what is fimilar as a comparison , duit 50 sen. So hope all clear ya...

Double the size of a 50 cent coin.

Love the feet ...belum letak filling

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Chocolate Mint Macarons

Friends often ask for Macaron recipes taht I use for my mac, Well me making macarons its not about getting the so call right recipe...there are so many's about technique...Yup the how to !! you need to really know how to ..not just what ingredient .

 I must say after making so many batches of Mac I still  have my failures....I still weep at times  and wait in agony at each bake , its a true Diva cookie with a lot of tantrum.

Today was a shiny hot day and I decided to try something new for my own family to enjoy...We've always like chocolate macarons ( seldom get orders for chocolate mac anyway since most of the time people  are just fasinated by colour not taste ....normally it is a theme  for a certain occasion so chocolate mac is not one of my customer's fav) .  

Sharing the recipe I found on the net - The how to ...check out on Youtube....(like I did countless times) 

Ingredients – Adapted from Just Eat Le Macaron Royal recipe

For the shells:
95 gms ground almonds or almond meal, sifted
75 gms egg whites (aged) and brought back at room temperature
155 gms pure icing sugar, sifted
45 grams sugar
20 gms cocoa powder, sifted
Black or brown food coloring (powder or paste) – optional

For the white chocolate and mint ganache:
100 gms white chocolate
50 gms thickened cream
2 tbsp mint syrup
1 egg yolk
Green food coloring (liquid) – optional

Reminds me of After Nine chocolate 

They don't always turn out this way..Make sure its a hot day..

Friday, April 13, 2012

Early Planning

It is not once or twice that  I get orders that are less than 2 weeks  for bulk quantity ie :more than 200 pax . Normally they are for personal gifts ,aqiqah , house warming & birthday parties ,I reckon they were last minute decision. As much as I can I will try to fulfill but there were times that I had to turn them down.

Planning early gives both parties more options .Some custom packaging needs special design s & orders from other suppliers , some sweet favors need time to take its complete : agar agar kering &  macarons.

Agar agar kering may be simple but the drying process is tedious....

Macarons too need  time. I can't deliver macarons on Wenesday for a call made on Monday whatever the quantity  .Good macarons need ageing the egg whites at least 2 days,some recommend 5 days  , and it is recommended that it is best eaten after 48 hours after putting in the filling and that's almost a its always good to plan early.

This traditional jelly needs not less than 10 days to dry up perfectly

Your satisfaction is my reputation 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Theme & Budget Trim

Weddings are not cheap nowdays , especially when there is a cetain theme involved .  I have made macarons for a wedding that has almost everything  green. The wedding was in  all shades of green from the wedding dress down to the tissue paper.

But in our economy today ,not everyone can afford to splurge their guest with all that the heart desires. A little imagination and creativity  however goes a long way... don't we all need to trim where possible without sacrificing glamour!!?...hehe

This elegant yet within budget door gift I had worked on looked charming with every detail in the shade of turquoise blue being the theme ( As per your wish Mira) .

At first she wanted cookies , but it was out of budget as the hexagon jar & sticker alone was already RM2.50 and that does not include ribbons which is a must have  .So I figured that candies ( normal packed candies)  wrapped in blue aluminum will do perfect . Tied with a matching lace organza ribbon ..Whoaala ...She loved it!!. It's hard to explain the feeling when you see a satisfied and happy customer. I love my job.

Hexagon jar + Organza Ribbon + Sticker + 10pcs of Aluminum wrap candy  @ RM5

Stunning inside out...Min 100 jars..

Monday, April 9, 2012

Praline -Door gift Ideas

Many times I get customers that are unsure of what to give out as door gifts for their guest, it has to look pretty , taste good and  within budget .

Normally when guest are above 400 people, the host will have an allocation of between RM5- RM7 only for the doorgifts ...thats's alot of money but I guess that is what people are ready to spend on now days

Well macarons is are indeed the trend now and it has been a hit but I must admit that not everyone enjoys eating macarons, many don't even know about this french cookie. 

To be on the safe side I always recommend pralines...almost everyone likes chocolate and yes they normally suit the budget requirement . 

A set of 4 pralines with almond or other fillings + Ribbons+ Tag in a custom order colour box will only be RM5.50 .Macarons on the other hand is  RM5 for 2 and that does not include packaging & decorations yet ...I can say, you can never go wrong with pralines... ..not that I do not recommend macarons....but from  experience...chocolates makes better gifts when there is volume..

All dressed up...any colour....anytime

Pick me up..and pop me in...yumm...

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Carrot & Walnut Cupcake

This is a delayed posting by request. Again a friend whom I had to turn down her last minute order asked for the recipe of my carrot cake which her kids love so much....I told her  try make them herself...its so easy and its good for the kids

Topping is cream cheese..I use Vivo Topping Ace  & Tantura cream cheese

Work In progress...bursting goodness of carrot in a cake

Recipe : Yields 25 (2 oz ) cupcake  or 18 medium size cups

( Ingredient A)

225gm carrots peeled &  trimmed
130 gm raisins ( optional)
50 gm chopped walnut ( almond is great too)

( Ingredient B)
2 large eggs
130 brown sugar
120ml oil ( palm oil/corn oil )
1/2 tsp vanilla
2 tsp orange zest

(Ingredient C)
120gm plain flour
1 tsp bicarbonate soda
A pinch of salt
A pinch of cinnamon ( optional)

Beat B 2 minutes , add A and lastly add C....bake at 180C for 20 min bottom heat. If you want them to look like crack muffins use upper & lower heat

* You can even do it without a mixer...enjoy

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Peanut Butter & Jelly Cookies

These cookies are a popular US combination of peanut Butter & jelly jam.I improvised the recipe by using   almond nibs instead of chopped peanuts & instead of raspberry jam I used marmalade jam to give it that orange twist is super crunchy kids would love them 

The original recipe does not call for choc chip but I thought that would be a plain cookie so I added choc chip to give that chocolaty look we all love...( recipe adapted from Cookie Heaven book by Deborah Gray)

Peanut butter + almond nibs + jam + choc chip  = Cookie heaven

Jars are a hit now for packing cookies and other favors.
Hexagon jar filled with 5 pcs  medium size cookie to fit...the jar & the budget... RM5each

These coen packed cookies will go into goody bags..