Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Macarons - Packing it right

Macaron is still the "in thing" now when it comes to sweet treats  and request  for Macarons is not showing any signs of slowing down...in fact it is one of the most desirable treats people wish to have ..I guess it is true that macarons are a luxury treat and a host with macarons for the guest will sure be an envy of others....

When come to packing this sweet little cookies , I prefer it  in see through  hard plastic containers as they are able to protect the macaron shell better than paper boxes .Packing it in these various shape & size containers makes it possible to  feast your eyes on the splendid arrays of macaron colours  ( my fav is still chocolate...super fab )....Oh ya...my Macarons are Italian meringue ...thsomehow the "French ' always makes me weep...huhu

I found this Gucci  monogram  Ribbons and bought a few..love them....

Packaging for Baby Boy Aqiqah.

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