Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lavender Love - Choc in box

I cannot believe that it is already mid March!. With the overwhelming orders this school holiday season  for engagement ,weddings ,birthdays and such, I have lost track on the hours  spent on baking , choc melting ,packaging  etc....but as tired I may be ..I am still enjoying every moment making them ...thanks to my loyal assistants  whom has been very efficient helping me out to make sure the orders get done in time...

Love these pretty slide box packaging in the shade of Lavender . Who won't want to open a package as pretty as this. They are  very simple but at the same time the saying goes...less is more

It can fit up to 6 pralines in aluminum wrap/ min order 200 pax@RM6

A pull out strings to make it easier to slide open

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