Saturday, March 24, 2012

Macaron Filling - We first eat with our eyes

There is this saying that we first eat with our eyes.If the sight  is satisfied, half the battle is won.

Macarons are one of my favorite treats to make for special occasions even when it is one of the hardest treat to make as it depends on many factors ...I shy away from taking orders during rainy season as the cookies may be a disappointment.

Customer always ask me what's nice as filling for the macarons . I would over and over again say Chocolate & peanut butter macarons are of my favorite flavors ,anyhow taste is something very individual so something I might like may not be what you may's subjective . If macarons were to be kept for longer than 3 day I would always recommend ganache filling  as butter cream has a shorter shelf life..due to its creamy texture.

Festive food...

Upper  plain buttercream , Lower white ganache with lemon flavour

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