Friday, March 2, 2012

Exclusive Packaging - Economically chic

This year I am promoting favors to be packed in this custom design 10x6x3cm  slide box as they are very personalized and exclusive looking indeed.

 For instance, a box  of  7 pcs of double choc chip cookies like this starts from as low as RM5.00....( min 200 box)

In my opinion people appreciate gifts like this better rather than scented candles/soap/glass/potpourri  and those alike. ( they are not cheap either). I recall having most of those kind of door gifts I receive taken home and offence ya...but I think I am not alone..

Glossy finishing...various colous  & design to suit your theme

This one has a hang / pull out ribbon.

A sweet classy gesture of appreciation for your honorable guests


  1. This slide box is looking great. I am also looking for a packaging style to wrap candies and this box will be a perfect idea. Can you please share from I can have these.
    wrapping machine

    1. The box is self designed & custom made to order..not available in shops