Thursday, March 29, 2012

Good Macarons

I have once out of curiosity bought a big fat Macaron at a Mall that cost me RM4.90 ( Mine is only RM2.50)..huhu..I don't know how they make them that big ..but one thing I know...I did not like the taste..It was both hard & dry  inside out. It had feet and look pretty but it was a hard cookie.

Eating a macaron should be clean resulting only with a few crumbs. The macaron crust should be smooth, glossy and delicate.  The crust of the cookie should be thin and fragile.  Biting through the crust should be effortless. A dry, semi-hard crust that shatters into the soft center of the cookie is not fun. Macarons should not crunch. The cookie’s texture beneath the crust should be light, just a little chewy, and soft, but not so soft that it’s mushy. 

A good macaron has no hollow...but a smooth shell with a full chewy inner..

Like fashion.,they never fail to look pretty...any colour looks good..

Choc Chip Oreo Cookies - Take a big bite

During my recent visit  to an Orang Puteh country...I had the chance to go on a cruise where  they serve huge  various kind of XXL  size cookies on board, people were enjoying it with hot tea tea...what more can you ask for...pure bliss

It inspired me to make them back home .It makes  a wonderful doorgift for Birthdays,Aqiqah or just about anything occasions ,people love chocolate and cookies makes it better...or is that the other way around?!!..hmm

This choc chip cookie is stuffed with a whole oreo  in the centre...weighing approx 60gm each...they are huge

Tripling  the size of my camera cap

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Macarons - Packing it right

Macaron is still the "in thing" now when it comes to sweet treats  and request  for Macarons is not showing any signs of slowing fact it is one of the most desirable treats people wish to have ..I guess it is true that macarons are a luxury treat and a host with macarons for the guest will sure be an envy of others....

When come to packing this sweet little cookies , I prefer it  in see through  hard plastic containers as they are able to protect the macaron shell better than paper boxes .Packing it in these various shape & size containers makes it possible to  feast your eyes on the splendid arrays of macaron colours  ( my fav is still chocolate...super fab )....Oh Macarons are Italian meringue ...thsomehow the "French ' always makes me weep...huhu

I found this Gucci  monogram  Ribbons and bought a them....

Packaging for Baby Boy Aqiqah.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Vegetarian Cake - Super Moist Eggless Cupcake

These cupcakes were made with not a single egg in the recipe and amazingly it taste perfectly like a moist chocolate cake...Perfect for vegetarian's who want to indulge in cake.I made these as  a special request from a vegetarian customer whom wanted chocolate cake... minus the egg..something you can hardly find in the bakery...

I religiously followed the recipe I found on a vegetarian website and Whoala la...perfect bake!!...all credit goes to the blog owner.My kids love the cake they had it when it was still hot... I am surely to be baking more of  this in no time

Take a peek.....Ya ya..I know... I'm cute alright...

Moist dark Cocoa eggless cake topped with double cream....what more can you ask for

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Macaron Filling - We first eat with our eyes

There is this saying that we first eat with our eyes.If the sight  is satisfied, half the battle is won.

Macarons are one of my favorite treats to make for special occasions even when it is one of the hardest treat to make as it depends on many factors ...I shy away from taking orders during rainy season as the cookies may be a disappointment.

Customer always ask me what's nice as filling for the macarons . I would over and over again say Chocolate & peanut butter macarons are of my favorite flavors ,anyhow taste is something very individual so something I might like may not be what you may's subjective . If macarons were to be kept for longer than 3 day I would always recommend ganache filling  as butter cream has a shorter shelf life..due to its creamy texture.

Festive food...

Upper  plain buttercream , Lower white ganache with lemon flavour

Thursday, March 22, 2012

For The Sweet Tooth

I normally would recommend dark  chocolate filling as the bitter sweet cocoa will blend in nicely into the sweet macaron for me  who does not enjoy a too sugary taste.

This one however was made using white chocolate  ganache with yam flavoring .It gives this cute look you just want to pick up one and NOT bite...why?.. comel sangat.....I added some butter for better taste.

Too cute to be eaten...

I'm me ..

Birthday Macarons

Lately I have been doing a lot of macs ...however I do not  find it necessary for me to post all of my work on the blog especially if they are the same kind of bakes.

However this particular one I worked on today for a birthday party this weekend really got me excited...their colours kind of looked like toys to me...don't they?..

Filling is choc ganache not buttercream as these macs will be travelling to Penang

Toy like food....choc is mixed with Mars bars

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Macaron Lessons - Italian Method

A friend was begging me  to teach her how to make Macarons ,her own attempts with YouTube guidance had failed her miserably ....huhu

So my first class  this morning started at 9am..The sun was up and all was good .She came  with all the ingredients needed and we made Macarons the Italian way ( French has not been friendly to me ).... the outcome....not bad for her first try...

Ziela at work...trying to keep a steady hand to pipe these out

Wohoo..Feet...smooth crack....success!!

Simple Chocolate Buttercream filling

She happily took these home and can't wait to try make it on her own...all the best Ziela..

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Premium cookies

I am on vacation  at the moment  ...Ironically I miss the smell of bakes back me crazy.

 Made these big choc chip cookies just a day before packing my bags. They are premium cookies since I used Van Houten Cocoa & Hershey chips...a burst of crispy chocolate goodness.

Take a bite...4 bites is more like it..
Packed in plastic container
Can you imagine how good the cookies taste?.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lavender Love - Choc in box

I cannot believe that it is already mid March!. With the overwhelming orders this school holiday season  for engagement ,weddings ,birthdays and such, I have lost track on the hours  spent on baking , choc melting ,packaging  etc....but as tired I may be ..I am still enjoying every moment making them ...thanks to my loyal assistants  whom has been very efficient helping me out to make sure the orders get done in time...

Love these pretty slide box packaging in the shade of Lavender . Who won't want to open a package as pretty as this. They are  very simple but at the same time the saying goes...less is more

It can fit up to 6 pralines in aluminum wrap/ min order 200 pax@RM6

A pull out strings to make it easier to slide open

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Caramel popcorn party treats

These charming little pack of  pop corn can surely bright up a kids day. They can be custom design according to your  party theme...

RM1,70  for a minimum of 100 pax

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Macarons on a rainy day

It has been raining these past few days and making these light coloured macarons was a real challenge. To get 300pcs of these I think I've busted about 50 shells....they cracked, had crooked feet ...

Dried them in front of the oven

Sweet colour combination..

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Soft coloured macarons

Susah nak buat soft coloured mac ni...terlebih bakar it will brown

Oreo Brownies

These brownies were made last  weekend for a birthday party. My first brownie sale  after  trying out countless recipes . I  finally decided to use the recipe   from Kitchen Guardian  ,recall my kids love them so much since the first time I made them a few weeks back .

Blue Theme..

100 boxes of super yummy oreo love them

Friday, March 2, 2012

Exclusive Packaging - Economically chic

This year I am promoting favors to be packed in this custom design 10x6x3cm  slide box as they are very personalized and exclusive looking indeed.

 For instance, a box  of  7 pcs of double choc chip cookies like this starts from as low as RM5.00....( min 200 box)

In my opinion people appreciate gifts like this better rather than scented candles/soap/glass/potpourri  and those alike. ( they are not cheap either). I recall having most of those kind of door gifts I receive taken home and offence ya...but I think I am not alone..

Glossy finishing...various colous  & design to suit your theme

This one has a hang / pull out ribbon.

A sweet classy gesture of appreciation for your honorable guests