Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Oreo Truffle Cookie - A must try bake

I am into experimenting recipes this week since my CNY hampers are only due next week and I have the luxury of time when the kids are off to school till afternoon.

2 potential customers are interested to have cookies as wedding favours which is also the reason why I am trying out new bakes...I'd like to introduce something different from what they might have tasted

So today I am on another Oreo recipe quest ,only this time I am using Creamo as they are cheaper and taste almost the same...I improvise it a little by adding milk choc chip and white choc chip I found at Hock Choon supermarker instead of the normal choc chip to see how it goes.

Oreo truffels has this lovely texture & taste when combined with choc cookie , a recipe from Picky-palate ...the verdict....I am lost for words ...they are simply delicious my kids told me they'd never buy cookies from Kedai lagi....ya right...(like that's gonna happen).

Sample of Pretty cookie packaging (

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