Sunday, January 1, 2012

Burgundy Macaron Shells & coarse almond

This was the first time I had a customer who wanted macaron shells only... and it must be in burgundy..with coarse almost I did not sieve the almond. Kelly said to her it taste better that way...hmm

I was given a flower bud as a guide to the shade she wanted ( the wedding theme was going to be in this shade)....

I made these samples first for her to see if it is ok before proceeding with mass production for her wedding next month.

So this batch here is the closest I can get to the flower shade ( 4 drops red + 2 drops blue + 2 drops magenta)...I was told that she will be making her own filling that contains chocolate & rum, a recipe she got from an Italian friend...(well...I don't do rum nor wine base recipes)

Having tasted these macs....hey they altually do taste great with coarse almond...

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