Thursday, January 12, 2012

Almond choc chip -All time favourite

Baking these for CNY hampers...they are ChipsMore size using 15gm cookie dough for each cookie..I must say it is an all time favourite...being home made ,they taste so much better than packed commercial cookies...

The Recipe ( No fail bake) - yields about 80pcs 15gm cookie dough

Ingredient (A)

250gm butter ( I use SCS butter )
200gm brown sugar
1 egg yolk ( the egg white is used for glazing)

Ingredient (B)
250gm flour ( I used low protein flour available at major bake shops)
100gm corn flour
10gm cocoa powder
50 gm almond nibs
50gm choc chip
1 tbs vanilla

-Beat (A) till smooth ( 3-4 mins on a Kitchen Aid)
- add in (B)... ( beat for another 3-4 min)
-then shape them any size you like (I press them flat and added more choc chips)
-glaze with egg whites to make them shine ( you can skip this and the cookie still taste great)
-heat oven for 5 mins and bake for 20 min at 150C ...Woola...happy baking..

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