Friday, December 28, 2012

Fail proof cookies - Yes you can

This post is in response to request from my earlier customers  yang pada awalnya order cookies untuk doorgift majlis,later  come back to me nak order lagi untuk makan sendiri  , nak hadiah kat orang and mcm lagi.  .Some are even willing to travel from Kelang to Ampang just to collect cookies...hehe
Whenever I am not tied down with other pre orders and family commitments In Shaa Allah boleh buat. Just love making cookies as they are so easy to buat dalam pelbagai versi....provided you have resepi yang sedap as the base..
Sharing with you one of the resepi yang dah hafal, there is no secret lah...this is era informasi...and ada berjuta resepi kat alam maya ..pilih jer...cuba and kalau suka keep it...
Ok this resepi so far boleh guna untuk apa2 cookies you have in mind, be creative , boleh letak kelapa kering , pelbagai jenis kacang , raisins , M&M chocolate or  anything you can imagine...
( Bahan A)
250gm butter ( sebolehnya jangan ganti dengan margarine walau lebih murah)...
1 biji telur
1 tsp vanilla
( Bahan B)
200gm tepung gandum
100gm tepung jagung
200 gm brown sugar ( gula putih pun boleh problem cuma lebih manis dr brown sugar)
1/2 tsp bicarb soda ( campur dengan qty sama air panas....for that crisp)
* Cocoa powder ( optional)....letak banyak jadi dark...letak sikit ok..tak letak pun boleh...
( Bahan C - Add On )
Kacang / raisins or apa2 you nak letak...sukatan suka hati...boleh lebih...boleh problem....tabur choc chip banyak mana nak...( I love this part...)...
Adun ( A)....campurkan (B)....masukkan (C)....( simpan dalam fridge 1 jam )
Bentuk2 kan ikut size suka hati...
Kalau kecil macam Amos cookies ( bakar 15 min @ 125C)
Kalau buat yang besar tambah masa to 20 min..suhu sama....Happy baking....

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Inspired by fine packaging.

I have always been fascinated with packaging , banyak kali beli barang bukan sebab nak kan sangat the content , tapi suka the bekas ...sometimes because I like the paper bag they pack their stuff in....silly me...
I beleive that good packaging tells you a lot about the product and what it wishes to deliver. 
Brands such as Crabtree & Evelyn ,Loccitane ,TWG , Mark & Spencer -just to name a few  brands, semua have  pretty packaging with vibrant colours and design untuk serlahkan gaya .
Gifts represent the giver and that is why I love designing packaging for  occasion favors not to mention how much I love baking...( Suka  aroma of chocolate, butter,sugar and flour all combined )
 There is a  different feeling receiving and eating the same candy or cookie from a plastic pack with no concern to details...than to bite on the same food coming from a dainty well decorated  jar or box ....don't you agree with me ?.....
Simple ..tapi nampak mahal ....only RM3.50 for HALAL jelly  drops in jar...( price for min 200 jars)

Cookies in box....bagi yang nak kan kelainan ...RM4.50 per box ( min 50 box)
Label design tu beri effect comel pada cake n jar

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Neapolitan cake in jar - Love at first bite

There is nothing new about this cake . I love how they turn out each time , may it be cupcake , a whole cake and even cake in jar....combining the taste of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate is what's special about Neapolitan....not just colour....but most of all flavor..

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Gold Glam -Modern classic

Gold is associated with Luxe . This colour however jarang jadi pilihan untuk perkahwinan nowdays, mungkin takut nampak out dated and tak ikut trend ,the younger generation likes pastel and soft cooling colours ...biasanya pink, blue ,purple....yang berani sikit will pick red  or warna garang like orange ..
Gold kalau kena gaya will look gorgeous too. Just like this jar of cookies . When using gold you don't want to over do the design which is why I used corak  ukiran untuk gaya klasik...I like
This Nov-Dec I've made a total of 5250 cookie jars ( kira macam bonus hujung tahun lah jugak cuma kena work hard bukan macam kerja ofis with this  I call it rest for the next 2 weeks..nak holiday pulak.....In Syaa Allah will be baking again in January 2013...( Oh I do have a few other photos to share....will post later )....happy holidays...

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Brownies in slide box - Elegant indulgance

Honestly....I don't know any baker kat Tanah Malaya ni that  offers brownies packed in these lovely slide boxes.The  outer box is gloss finishing and ribbons are either hanging or a full bow tie around the box with any colour you wish to match your theme...

Don't you just love the idea of pulling out the box to find something you can't wait to bite on..brownies..cookies...candies...etc....

Anyway since these boxes are will need to order them in advance....a month at least and 2 month for bigger qty above 500 boxes...ok for now..catch up later..

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Cantik - The first Impression

CANTIK!! the first respond and impression  I wish that crosses the mind of all of my customers bila mula2 nampak gambar orders yang dah siap...people first feast on food with your eyes...

Most of the time I am entrusted with the label design and packaging..all they want to know is that gift mesti  CANTIK...and within their budget....Perhaps sebab tu jugalah  this humble on line favor shop by design is named CHANTIQ....( which means pretty)

This year cookies in jars has been selling like hot cakes....Yes..I pride my cookies as "Almost Amos"...with variation in flavor from peanut butter , rasberry , orange, less sweet to extra name it..I'll make them.

This jar here is slightly bigger than the one I usually use...its 240ml instead of more yummy the black metalcap....nampak exclusive macam packaging food Crabtree & Elevlyn...oh they inspire me...

The secret to happiness is to first give wouldn't a gift as cute as this makes one happy?..

This is a 160ml tall jar that can fit in 18pcs of candy. Stickers are designed by yours truly...Ada yang bertanya boleh order sticker jer tak?...well...I don't just do stickers , mine has to be either jars yang dah siap sticker or yang complete with isi sekali.

Ni pulak bag size 18cm x12cm x 8cm...memang complete package this time...material 230gsm artcard...

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Flowers - A little piece of heaven on earth..

Bunga has a special place in our  hearts . I was told that my name started with "Rose " because my mom was fond of planting roses when she had me. 

You can freshen up a gloomy room by just bringing in flowers , spark  a smile to a loved one, relax and unwind with a tub of bubbles yang ditabur  colorful rose petals( urggh I longed for that) gives that feel of luxury...fresh  flowers bagai beri nyawa and jiwa  to an occasion .and because of this too flowers are  a multi billion dollar business...nak cakap pasal bunga..memang tak akan habis...bukan pakar ...but we all know the effect of flowers to the the soul and sight.

OK .It has been sometime since I saw favors packed in our tradisonal mengkuang baskets . It should make a comeback.... with a new breath ....instead of sequins , ribbons and manik2 yang berserabut ( sorry but I tak minat deco berserabut), ....we'll decorate it with flowers....dalam cuaca Malaysia fresh flowers maybe agak susah nak jaga untuk tahan lama ( but it can be done)....our alternative are artificial flowers....they're not bad actually....the good ones tentunya mahal sikit but kalau pandai pilih....bunga murah pun boleh nampak mahal.....just keep it simple....jangan deco meriah  sangat.....less is always go flower power...

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Personalized packaging

I'm still very much tied down with my bakes ( musim segala macam majlis seiring cuti sekolah ) but would love to share this cute square box which I design for a kenduri Aqiqah...

No doubt you can buy similar boxes kat kedai pengantin but personalizing it really makes the gift stand out .

This time I am not using stickers ,the design are printed direct on 240gsm can have the size personalized according to what you wish to fill them go ahead...imagine...

Sebahagian is  vanilla cake dengan sprinkle bintang warba warni...for the kids

Separuh lagi Hokkaido cake yang sangat sedap ..

CST first Video

Something I did this morning whilst toasting bread for breakfast.....not bad for a start ya?!!!....

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Door gift sihat - Dried Apricots & chocolate...etc

My baking is full this year end with bookings made as early as in June this year. However being this time of the year , request for door gifts for various events and occasions  are plenty .

As much as I would like to offer my bakes, I must acknowledge that I can only take so much as I have other family commitments too ....when I decided to make this passion a trade I had also made a promise to myself that there will only be so much hours put into baking ...I would want to have the best of both worlds...within my reach..

However as earlier said , if you want ready available items as door gifts....orders are still welcome . Dried apricot for instance make a healthy and lovely gift too...I'll  pack them nicely and you'll have something simple  look stunning ideas are ever flowing I can't possibly blog on everything I have in talk to me ...we'll find something to make everyone especially.

Chocolates too is said to have a lot of health benefits ( choc ya bukan gula2) increases happy hormones and releases chocolate is also one of the favourite order this season untuk menu it has been last year...

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Nepolitan cake - Ice cream without ice

My familyis in love with this cake as it combines all their favourite ice cream flavour in a cake ,chocolate ,vanilla & strawberry...

Sharing here the recipe for you to bake and trust will feel that it had made your day...

Recipe ( yields 24 regular size cupcake)

300 gm butter - I used SCS *salted ( never substitute butter with margerine )
300 gm castor sugar
200 gm cake flour
6 eggs ( seperate the whites and the yolk)

How to :

1.Beat egg white with 150gm sugar ( sampai macam buih but tak perlu sampai jadi macam meringue)- put aside
2.Beat yolk  with 150gm sugar
3.Add in the egg white and sugar mixture
4.Add in butter
5. Add in flour & some salt to taste ( kita orang Asia suka masin sikit )

-Separate the mixture into 3 bowls  for 3 different colour and flavour
i) Cocoa
iii) Strawberry flavour & pink colouring 

Fill them in 3 separate piping bags and pipe into cupcake liners layer by layer....

Bake at 160C for 20 minutes - upper lower heat with fan  or lower heat only if without fan.


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Customers concern - my challenge for options

Sometimes, what we think as best may not be the best for others. I was aggressively promoting favors in jars  not realizing that at some point the glass has its weakness too..mudah pecah kalau jatuh and thats dangerous especially when the occasion involves kids...hmm....think..think..

So my option for this is plastic container, they are slightly bigger and may need more cookies to fill them full.....the  customer wants to maintain her budget , wants the jar to look fully filled but she wants notrhing to do with I figured ....cupcake liners would do the job....

So here it is...cookies in cupcake liners packed in plastic container...suggestion acceptable with a happy respond " yeaa cantik...order confirmed".....problem solved....hehe


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Offer 2015 - Custom bag & jar

This offer is open for orders in  January 2015 and is only limited to the first 5000 pack with a minimum order of  300 pack. 

Price includes artwork but without content. You can have me prepare the favors or you can fill them with your own favourite treats....with the custom design paper bag...dah tak perlu fikir about decorating the jar lagi....jimat masa and memang nampak cantik

The paper bag  is custom designed to fit in the 6x6cm jar and it actually does make it easy for your guest to carry the goodies in glass material home....there is also adequate space untuk masukkan telur (pelengkap adat perkahwinan)...

so hurry....

Packaging favours for kids

Children party packs are always filled with fun not to mention how cute they can be ....choices of theme are endless...from their favorite  cartoon to princess , castle and trains....just tell me what you have in mind for that special day ...

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Get Crafty - Use Doily paper

With a little creativity ,you can make something simple look sweet and classy . 

Doily paper  can do just the job, it comes in many sizes and designs , texturenya yang macam lace gives it that elaborate look...

You realy don't need to blow a hole in your pocket...something like this with ready made pineapple jam cookies may not  cost be crafty... a lot of thing memang boleh buat sendiri...kalau tak ada me...hehe

well...kalau  masukkan my bakes memanglah lagi best kan ?.......

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

This time of the year

Time flies ,it is already  4th quarter of the year , school holiday is approaching and that also means musim kenduri kendara , companies family day and annual dinner tanda penghargaan pada staff yang dah bertungkus lumus capai  target tahunan and many more celebration that calls for makan makan..

With this  CST is fully booked till year end . Ramai yang dah buat perancangan awal-which is good , I even have bookings that were made as early as 7 months in advance.

It is a real pleasure having given the trust to do favors for important dates  berbagai majlis  dan acara .I am still new in this field and still learning a lot of things.

This trust  also comes with  responsibility. I always berdoa that badan sihat dan tak ada apa2 perkara besar yang tak dirancang atau diundang happen  ,tak dapat bayangkan kalau jatuh sakit and ada orders yang tak dapat disiapkan.

My dear hubby who is my number 1 supporter  is aware of all the bookings made ,the deposit money  that has been paid, contacts , schedule of delivery etc...just in case anything happens to me at least the customer can be informed ...yes...with trust comes responsibility

Pink is always pretty and yes it is still the favourite colour for many bride to be

People now prefer giving something yang orang boleh makan.....kalau pakaging cantik...boleh simpan...

Still here.....for those celebrated moments.

My  mornings are filled with either baking or chocolate melting ( sambil dengar radio IKIM 91.5fm  ) .I've been baking every single day , new recipes , repeat recipes..bottom line is I have been baking and the only thing I have not done is blog about it.

Bila dah penat memang dah tak ada daya nak snap gambar apalagi blog about it. I will start as early as 8am when the kids are off to school and  stop at noon ,an hour before  the kids get back from school .

Yup my so call production  hours on normal days is only limited to mornings till noon but  during peak season it may continue after 10pm to the wee hours when the world is dead to most...

Apart from the good income that comes with making favours  which means orders with volume  ( during peak season ,I take up on  an average 4  big projects  between 500-1500pax with a budget ranging from  RM3 -RM10..Aha!!..its a lot of work okey) ...I do this for pleasure , when I don't bake ...I feel like a part of me is missing...even when I take a break...I somehow still bake for the family...I love the smell of bakes...its soothing...provided I get help with the cleaning..hehe..( Oh yes I do get help from part timers paid by the hour....pengsan kalau nak buat semua sendiri)

Cookies  in jars is still top in list now may it be for aqiqah ,engagement,weddings etc ...I encourage reusable packaging such as glass and tins  and try as much to reduce on plastic ....doing my bit for mother earth.

This time around,instead of putting in the same kind of cookie in the jar ,I am putting in a mixture of chocolate chip and also double chocolate chip for that  more intense cocoa taste. I love using Van Hounten or Hershey cocoa powder for my is such a pleasure knowing that my customers feel that they have been a good host for one of their many celebrated moments...As long as I have the energy for this...Yes I will be here.

Wouldn't you be a happy guest receiving this as buah tangan?...

Sweetness & elegance in a jar....

Monday, October 15, 2012

Red Velvet. Lagi... dan lagi dan lagi....

I've actually lost count how many RV I've made this year,mostly are cupcake size and a few big ones too.This red cake with cream cheese frosting has yet lost its charm...there is still something special about this cake that makes people come back for more..nak kata cantik, tak lah cantik mana , red & white colour scheme jer ..but one thing for sure ....sedap sehingga slice yang terakhir...

Here is the recipe I use for my RV , I've tried several recipes but I prefer  recipe(s) that calls for corn oil instead of my opinion..rasa lebih sedap dan lembab..

3 1/2 cups cake flour
1/2 cup cocoa powder, I used Van Hounten
1 1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp baking powder
1 1/2 tsp salt
2 1/4 cups sugar

2 cups corn oil
3 large eggs
1 tsp red colour gel
1 1/2 tsp vanilla
1 1/4 cup buttermilk
2 1/2 tsp white vinegar

Mix (B) the wet ingredient until incorporated, I used speed 1 on my Kitchen Aid mixer then masukkan bahan (A) one ingredient at a with your favourite cream cheese frosting recipe...

Friday, October 5, 2012

Chocolate tart - Simple indulgance

A Simple dan sedap wedding doorgift made for Datin Jai's kenduri
So busy at the moment I can't write much ,but sharing  recipe crust tart yang sedap and boleh buat kat rumah ni..


1.200gm butter
2.1 egg
3.1 tsp vanilla   ( Combine & beat 1,2 & 3 )

4.100gm icing sugar
5.420gm plain flour ( Add in 4 & 5....and there you have sweet pastry perfect for tarts)

Bake for 20min at 150C

Fill in with you favourite chocolate ganache recipe...I would also recommend to have blueberry at the base of the tart before filling in with chocolate 

Dahlia  flower using  IM tip.

A simple bunga telur pouch to go with the tart pack.....

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Jelly Favors - Joy in a jar

Since my last post on favors in jars .CST has receive overwhelming respond requesting for quotes on bakes and ready made favors. 

These colourful treats packed in jars actually looks very stunning even without the decoration . However a little sticker to personalize it and perhaps ribbons would make them look even more fabulous, its a sure smile on the faces of your guest.

On another note I am also on my quest to reduce usage of plastic containers and materials that are not environment friendly ( you see...even my kids remind me to bring my own shopping bag...even when its not a Saturday ) So lets also do a favour for the only planet with cakes, cookies and candies...use recyclable material. 

Price starts from as low as RM3.50 ( square jar & contents)...with a min of 100 jars...

Make your pick...imagine what a cheerful  table your event will be with these 


Jelly swirl

Jelly drop


Sunday, September 30, 2012

Biskut Jam Nanas - Nostalgic memories

How can  I forget the taste of  these crispy chewy pineapple jam biscuits  from childhood. Lepas makan satu ,ambil lagi satu then another and you cannot stop .

To bring back memories of the timeless cookie ,I have added them  into my favor menu..The idea of packing ready made favors actually came when I had a  customer  that  "desperately" wanted  my bakes  and wanted CST's touch on the packaging ...

As I was unable to  take anymore baking orders in for I suggested her ready made items ...she was over the moon when I suggested this biscuit...." lah  apasal I tak fikir pasal biskut tu..I pun suka sangat makan biskut tu...ok set  you buat cantik2 tau..!!"...was her respond....mission accomplished...hehe

The square jar can fit in 8 pcs of this pineapple biscuit.

Don't they look alittle bit like macarons?!!..

Classic  beauty.....jars with black cap & double ribbon...

Saturday, September 29, 2012

GTPM - Group Tak Pandai Masak

I smiled with glee when I first heard the name of this group ' Don't know how to cook" . Very catchy ...I kind of love it too..I figured that perhaps these are people who can actually cook but declaring themselves as naive in the kitchen department. 

Later discovered that this is a closed FB local community with members of 2000 plus that shares tips and recipes within their group members....interesting!!

 We live in the age where information is just a click away and help or advise from friends with  the same interest dihujung jari ...and this group I must say is for a good cause...Hurrah to GTPM...

This weekend GTPM celebrated their 1 anniversary that was held in the Grand ballroom of Hotel Singgahsana in PJ....I can imagine the fun....

70 jars of Walnut carrot cupcake  was a  generous contribution for the event from Pn Noor ,the cheerful big boss of Ushine Sdn Bhd .

Its a complete set that comprises of a custom size paper bag + hexagon jar + spoon + the exact recipe I used for the cake
Best eaten cold...