Monday, December 19, 2011

A different Rose

I have been losing sleep lately...meeting year end seasonal demands. My bakes & chocolate meltings are done late nights after tucking in the little angels to sleep's only me ,light music on the CD & the sound of the Kitchen Aid mixer till the wee hours when the world is "dead" to most.I somehow love moments like this...the macarons turn out perfect even when baked at night- dried them in front of the oven.

There was hesitation combining orange & black for butter cream rose swirl but later love these mini dark chocolate cupcakes's a different Rose... I have never imagine that they would look these stunning...Oh they look a bit like haloween too...


  1. This is gorgeous, the colors are unique, never seen before :)

  2. This was an order by a "macho" man's for his 30th bday .dia tak nak all the "girly" cakes ...actually dia minta semua hitam...I ask if he has any other fav colour..he said ni lah jadinyer..hehe...