Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A peek into my kitchen - Where its made...

One fine Friday morning I receive a call from a regular customer cum friend now asking me if she could come over and have a "peek" into my kitchen that day ..... hmm just curious how I run my home base business....I assured her there's nothing special about this favourite area at home... glad she came anyway...Nora you are most welcome to visit me again ...and no I still cannot take more macaron orders for now....

Praline in the making

Cookies in the making

Macarons with pretty feet...Orange ( in the background )& Soft Pink

Melting chocolate

My reliable FAGOR Oven

Clean chocolate mold, my beloved EmpireRred Kitchen Aid purchased in Houston  US for only USD250. My next will be  a heavy duty one soon..

Love using Le Bourne chocolates, a product endorsed by Chef Ameer...

Junior Master Chef In the making....

Outside my kitchen window...a small koi pond with little heaven.

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