Thursday, November 24, 2011

Macaron Marvel

I guess Macarons hit Malaysian shores only recently ..maybe 1-2 years back . Unless one have traveled to Paris and pass by Laduree at Champ elysee street to peek into its stylish windows....we would have no idea what Macarons are...

These cookies does not come at its high price for nothing. They are indeed hard to make ... yup hard to make but once you have mastered the so call science of it , making them will comes at ease...however even with such skill ..there are still days when you just don't know what went wrong and the cookie flops...cracks....its so "macawrong" ...Perhaphs the bitter sweet relationship with macs make it the reason why we love them more ....its a true marvel

My fav...chocolate macarons....the hardest to make so far.....

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