Thursday, November 17, 2011

It was a Great Schooling Year -Thank you teachers

The schooling season for 2011 has come to an end . It indeed was a great year with many great progress and achievement for me to keep as memories to wrap up the 2011 diary.

It is now almost 2 years since I took the road less traveled , a full time duty of managing the kids ,monitoring their development & being there through the good and the bad, experiencing it all first hand.

It was a challenge at first adjusting myself from a women who was used to board room meetings & power suit now running around the house trying to make everything perfect , later squeezing precious time doing what I love in my kitchen etc etc...just glad that I did purchased an apron in Harrods so that I can still be in style here...hehe ...guess I still needed a reminder to satisfy my ego...huhu...anyhow it was a choice I made and I am glad I was brave enough to take this path which I endlessly seek for Allah's guidance doing what I am doing...All praises to Allah it has benefited me & my family in many ways I have never imagined.It was the most unselfish decision I have ever made InsyaAllah

Ok now, my eldest son who is 14 made me a proud mom again this year by maintaining his top position in class ( num 2,3,4,5,6,7 were all girls...where are the boys!!...wake up little khalif!!)...we need more boys here in front line!!..

As a small gesture of appreciation ,he took this box of 15 chocolate filled with salted caramel, peanut butter & almond to school for Cikgu.....proudly announcing that they were handmade by mummy dearest....he is proud of what I am doing now for everybody and I can see how he appreciates all that I am doing for the family...It is a feeling I hardly felt in my 15 years of International Insurance broking career..that was the past & I am thankful for my present....

Self designed damask label printed on 230gsm card...Gorgeous!!
I love this shade of blue now....the black lacey ribbon makes it look like a Scalet Ohara gown from gone with the wind...Love it!!

Knowing that her brother has a gift for dear teacher ,my youngest daughter asked me to make macs for her teacher at kindy last night...yup last rained but I still went ahead to make them ...Made these teal & hot pink macarons for teachers at Little Khalif Al Hakim...lucky I had all their name list ...words would not be enough to say thanks to all the teachers...may your life be blessed...and yes...thanks a million for all that you have done.....

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