Sunday, November 13, 2011

Apam Polkadot in sweet pack

Besides making pretty treats , I love creating cute packaging for my customers .From time to time I will work on giving a fresh look to the packaging.

There are many home base choc maker and bakers out there and there are all good . We are all speacial in our own way ,what makes us different is creativity .I figured that when it come to doorgift nowdays what makes it different is concept , it's all about presentation which is why pakaging creativity will give an edge to products making it different from others. People like individuality don't just look at what others are doing and copy...come up with different...evolve...

This label was printed on a 120gsm paper card , it was a complimentary packaging for one of my customer, instead of using ribbons or putting it in a box, this packaging is chic ,sweet and cost only RM2 including contents....As usual my customers can have their message or name printed with minimal charge but this one was just plain sweet stripes

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